Yard Machine 31C-040-800 Snowblower Review

Yard Machine 31C-040-800The Yard Machine 31C-040-800 12.5-Inch Electric Snowblower comes with a compact, single stage electric snow blower unit. It is powered by an 8.5 amp motor that?s designed to throw snow away even as far as 25 feet. Starting the engine motor of this snow thrower is as easy as just plugging it onto an outlet. It won?t require the need for messy gas and oil solutions. The Yard Machine 31C-040-800 12.5-Inch Electric Snowblower?s motor is double insulated for continued operating during cold weather. It is made to clear snow that is at a maximum of 12 and 1/2 inches wide and 6 inches high. It is generally designed to help a user creates a clear and visible path despite the thickness of snow.

The adjustable three position chute of this Yard Machine Snowblower makes it easier to precisely place snow. Though not designed for heavy duty, this electric snow thrower can get the job done in smaller areas with limited snow fall. Some examples are the deck, the patio, sidewalks and driveways. This is a reliable alternative to the use of traditional handheld shovels. Manufactured in a lightweight, portable design, this Yard Machine Snowblower would be useful. For just 20 pounds, this machine is helpful as well in carrying, transporting and storing.

Yard Machine Snowblower

Features and Specifications



  • Has an adjustable three-position chute for convenient use in terms of snow displacement
  • With easy-to-start engine motor for worry-free use; optional operated by batteries; useful alternative to gas or oil
  • Housing is made out of molded plastic; Handles are manufactured in lightweight aluminum
  • Easy to operate and moveable
  • 12 and 1/2-inch clearing for small areas
  • Comes fully assembled for immediate and hassle free use upon shipment
  • Includes a cord minder to avoid tangles while snow blower is in use


Customer Reviews and Ratings



The Yard Machine 31C-040-800 Snowblower garnered an average rating of 3.9 out of 5. This snow blower received both positive and negative reviews.

One specific user stated that he was able to use his snow blower even on 14-inch thick of snow. That was his personal two-thumb like about the product from Yard Machine. Another user said that this snow blower was very light weight. It was so easy to move around with. The cord minder too was helpful, that is if it would not prevent having the extension cord tangled. Someone was a little bit funny giving his comment or rather testimony in using the device. He jokingly said it?s a good product to use to mock neighbors? shovel or less quality snow blowers.

Many owners also shared that they would give recommendation using this particular Yard Machine Electric Snowblower. They said the chute was helpful to get snow thrown at maximum distance, as the machine can only throw snow at about 6 feet when positioned to the left or to the right.

Others gave a mixed review of this electric snow blower. One example was from an owner who said the handling was useful to clear snow. The downside for him was that he had to replace parts as the soft plastic would easily damage on pavement. That could make the auger got worn down too so he was not happy about it.

Reviews with negative remarks regarding the Yard Machine 31C-040-800 complained about that too. A former buyer of this snow blower said that he was not satisfied with it. His reason was because the machine?s auger cracked after using it for as short as 2 weeks. Another customer had almost the same issue. He was not able to use his most recently bought snow blower for a long time. It stopped working even before winter was over.

Another issue was given but it merely about the warranty. After two weeks of using, the auger of this snow blower began to crack until it was almost damaged. He had to get the needed replacement and repair using the warranty of the manufacturer. When he had someone to fix it, he was surprised to pay for the service of repairing it because it was claimed it?s not covers under its warranty.?Click here to read more customer reviews?

Overall, this blowing machine of snow would not be a good buy. For its price, you can expect to have a snow blower that can clear snow in small spaces but even at a distance. However, this snow blower is not expected to last for a long time so that would be the question. Would you dare replacing parts most of the time? It can function well but not for a long time. Consequently, it would not be a good investment if you keep on replacing parts. Unless you use compatible parts from a different manufacturer, it may be a good product to consider.

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