WORX WG650 Snow Blower Review

WORX WG650The WORX WG650 18-Inch Electric Snow Blower is a compact electric snow blowers that anyone can purchase on the market. What sets this particular snow blower to be useful is that it throws snow at a long distance up to surprising 30 feet. With a chute that can be adjusted to a full 180 degrees, this WORX WG650 18-Inch Electric Snow Blower would be really helpful in clearing snow. The chute is controlled more comfortably with its built-in handles. This machine also includes collapsible tool-less handlebars that are light weight and easy to assemble. With its optional three height settings, a user can adjust handlebars at a comfortable level to make operation of the snow blowing easy and comfortable.

This WORX snow blower has a clearing width of 18 inches and a clearing depth of 9 inches. It makes it ideal to use for walkways and driveways during average snow fall. Because of the electric snow blower?s compact design, storing it after winter or even when during the season but when not in use is hassle free. It does not take much effort to dismantle as it does not take up much space in the garage. The WORX WG650 also has compact wheels for easy and comfortable transport to and fro. The rubber ?tipped steel augers on the snow blower are also designed to promote ease when throwing snow.

WORX Snow Blower

Features and Specifications



  • Starts electrically so users need not to worry about running the machine during adversely cold weather
  • Has adjustable chutes for control of the distance and direction in throwing snow
  • Quick clamps to adjust and assemble handlebars in different height requirements
  • Has a compact design for easy storage
  • Lightweight and easy to operate at anytime, anywhere
  • Oversized chute handles for convenience
  • Clearing width of 18 inch and 9 inch depth; Throw snow in a distance (up to 30 feet)


Customer Reviews and Ratings



The WORX WG650 Snow Blower received an overall average rating of 4.2 out of 5 from customers. A lot of users who have tried and used this snow blower agreed that this it would get the job done quickly. Plus, they could work for long minutes without any physical strain afterwards. Because of its lightweight design, many users were able to use it as much as needed during the winter.

One user said that she was impressed by how the snow blower was able to handle more snow than it was originally designed to. It was effortless to clear snow in just short minutes. Who wouldn?t be impressed by that performance?

There was a customer who gave review by comparing this WORX snow blower with one of the models of Toro. He said that the former was easier to store and even fold than the latter. The price tag of the WORX snowblower was a winner when compared with the cost of the Toro.

Another satisfied buyer said the WORX snow blower (WG650) was easy to assemble and use. It cleared out 5 inches of snow for about 4 feet pile on his driveway. However, it stopped once he tried to remove snow at 6 to 7 feet piles. There had to be a much longer cord for a case like that.

This one user also said the snow blowing machine did its job for him. It helped remove snow for about 4 inches in 10 to 12 feet. What he did not like was that the manual or instruction was not clear. He needed to assemble the blower?s handle so that was time consuming.

The motor engine of this WORX WG650 was sturdy according to another buyer. However, some of the plastic parts and components of the entire machine broke easily. Other reviewers who made complaints said almost the same thing. Most of them said the chute handles fell off easily. Other than that, there were no issues addressed.?Click here to read more customer reviews?

Overall, this WORX Electric Snow Blower would be a product that is worth the price. Most of its customers were happy with the performance. The only common issue that you may need to deal with is the durability of the parts and components of the unit. You may also be confused with the owner?s manual as most buyers said they didn?t understand it. Yet, it would be basically a useful machine to clear snow at a few inches within a short distance on the sidewalks and driveways. If you are looking for a reliable snow blower, WORX?s electric snow blowers like this particular model could be an option to consider. This is recommended for people who are looking for a compact snow blower that they can use to clear their driveways and sidewalks.

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