Superior Pump 91250 Sump Pump Review

Superior Pump 91250The Superior Pump 91250 Sump Pump proudly comes with its 3.8 amp, 1/4 horsepower split capacitor motor. It is a submersible type of sump pump that can remove water up to 30 gallons per minute or 1800 gallons in an hour. That?s how fast and reliable to use it during flood or power outage. Furthermore, you can easily start and run this pump with its tethered switch and cord that must be plugged onto a 115 volt outlet. There is also a clog resistant suction from the side to the bottom.

Constructed with corrosion resistant thermoplastic, this Superior Pump is regarded as durable unit. Its dimension, which is 7 by 7 by 12 inches, makes it also a reliable, easy device to use. The compact design of this pump could really work to a 6-inch pit. It can lift water up 25 feet of vertical height. The 1 to 1/4 inch male iron pipe discharge threat is also helpful in pumping. This sump pump is packed with a garden hose adapter, float switch, and manual instruction. Through the technical features, the Superior Pump?91250 can offer great assistance in removing water in case of emergency.

Superior Pump

Features and Specifications



  • Designed with 1/4 horsepower split capacitor motor (3.8 amps)
  • Pumps 30 gallons of water per minute (1800 gallons per hour) at 25 feet maximum of vertical height
  • Made in corrosion resistant thermoplastic material (clog-resistant suction included)
  • Packed with tethered switch, 10 feet waterproof electrical cord
  • Manufactured in a lightweight, compact design with the measurement of 7 by 7 by 12 inches (fits to a 6-inch pit opening)
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty, hose adapter and owner?s manual
  • CSA certified and UL/CUL listed
  • Recommended for home, office and commercial building use


Customer Reviews and Ratings



The Superior Pump 91250 Sump Pump has been tested and proven to be a useful product in pumping water. Most users are satisfied and owners to claim their happy using it. Here are some of the testimonies and reviews given by proud owners of the 91250 model sump pump.

One shared his personal story of how the sump pump was useful to him and his family. He used it in his pool whenever debris like leaves was filling the pit. It was a fast pump but he said it could do much quicker if there?s a larger hose. He actually used a normal garden hose and it removed 5 gallons of water.

There is also an owner who said the pump really worked but it?s better if there?s a bigger hose. He suggested having a female to male adapter instead because the Superior Pump 91250 Sump Pump?s 1 1/4 MPT might not be enough.

One customer particularly said the Superior Pump 91250 was a ?champ?. It could really pump water during natural catastrophes like rainy days. He enjoyed using it with its float switch without any worries or hassles.

Someone from the Caribbean had used this same pump too. He admitted he was skeptical about buying it on the net but still he did. The Superior Pump 91250 Sump Pump did not make him regret his purchase too. It worked fine as advertised so now he?s also recommending to other buyers of sump pump.

Another owner said he believed the durability of the pump even if it?s just a newly purchased product. He was satisfied with its performance because it was quiet and reliable to use. He further added the cost was not a problem.

One particular user shared that after 3 months of using this sump pump, it stopped functioning. He had to call the direct seller for some customer service assistance. He was given a new pump and it worked just fine. He was satisfied with the pump?s overall performance and the help of the customer service.

This next buyer of the 91250 said he had used it for cleaning his bath tub. He had no problem with the pump unit but the adapter could be the issue for many. He bought a different hose to be able to use and it did work because it was much larger.

One last review is from an owner who had nothing to say but good things as well. The sump pump was helpful in clearing water from his pool. There?s no issue with its operation because it was quiet and the pumping performance worked fine too.?Click here to read more customer reviews?

Overall, this Superior Sump Pump could be a great purchase. You won?t have any problem dealing with its use unless you would listen to what most users said in regards to the hose and adapter. Just to make sure, have some female to male and male to female adapters or a much larger garden hose for a non-interrupted pumping session.

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