Sunpentown WA-8011S Window Air Conditioner Review

Sunpentown WA-8011SThe Sunpentown WA-8011S Window Air Conditioner is perfect for a small to medium sized room. It has three fan speeds that you can choose from, giving you the ability to control the air that comes out as needed. With four modes to choose from: Dry, Auto, Energy Saver and Sleep, you have the free reign to apply the settings that work for you the most. With a top air discharge, it cools the room more efficiently and balances the temperature throughout the room. It has a thermostat controlled energy saver, which switches the unit off when a specific temperature is reached.

It has electronic controls that make it easier to choose from the different options available, with a digital display that lets you see your options clearly. This Sunpentown Window Air Conditioner also has a washable air filter that is very easy to detach and easier still to reattach after cleaning. With its auto restart feature, you can be sure that your AC unit retains the previous settings as it automatically turns on after a power outage or power failure. It has a 24-hour on and off timer, letting you come home to a cool room when you preset it to turn on just before you get home, and lets you save energy when you time it to turn off on its own after you leave the house or as you sleep.

It has a flexible wall mount that makes it easier to install, plus a window kit that also accommodates the left and the right sides of the unit that makes it ideal for vertical opening windows. With the remote control that comes with the package, it is easier for you to control and adjust the settings accordingly without having to get up from your seat. It is also Energy Star qualified, helping you save on costs by limiting the energy consumed every time the unit is turned on.

Sunpentown Window Air Conditioner

Features and Specifications



  • Three fan speeds to choose from
  • Four preset modes: Dry, Auto, Energy Saver, Sleep
  • Top air discharge
  • Has a thermostat controlled energy saver
  • Has electronic controls with a digital display
  • Washable filter that is easy to detach and reattach
  • Has an auto restart feature
  • Has a 24-hour on and off timer
  • Comes with a flexible wall mount
  • Complete window kit included
  • Remote control included
  • Energy Star qualified
  • 8,000 BTU cooling capacity



Customer Ratings and Reviews



Users of the Sunpentown WA-8011S Window Air Conditioner have yet to be disappointed with this air conditioning unit. It quickly cools the room down and maintains the ideal temperature, keeping you comfortable no matter what time of the day. It also has very effective energy saving features, which has been proven time and again to efficiently cut down energy usage, and therefore reduces costs as well. It also has a great design that does not only fit in any kind of room, but can easily fit into different kinds of windows as well.

The instruction manual could use some edits though, as some users have complained that it is difficult to understand, and can be very confusing. This does not really matter that much though, since most, if not all features and functions of this Sunpentown Window Air Conditioner are easy to understand and figure out, even without the manual.?Click here to read more customer reviews?

Overall, the Sunpentown WA-8011S Window Air Conditioner is one of the best choices especially if you are planning to use it in a small to medium sized room. It gets the job done efficiently, and has features that make it very convenient to use.

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