Sony HT-CT150 Sound Bar Review

Sony HT-CT150The Sony HT-CT150 3D Sound Bar System offers a complete 3D home entertainment experience. This Sony sound bar is getting a lot of homeowners wondering if it can really outmatch other brands/models of sound bars on the market.

This Sony sound bar home theater system is noted for its 3D compatibility and its Audio Return Channel. By simply connecting a single HDMI cable to multiple HD sources or 3D devices, you can easily turn it into your very own entertainment hub. Of course, you can only connect one cable to one device.

Aside from having the latest audio decoding technology, users will also find it easy to mount this sleek Sony sound bar.? You may also choose to hung it on your wall or place it on a shelf. It only measures 34.8 lbs. x 22.1 lbs. x 11.1 lbs. it weighs 34.8 lbs.

This sound bar from Sony also comes with an HDMI Repeater. With this feature, simplified audio & video signal transfers can be achieved.

Sony Sound Bar

Features and Specifications



  • Features 3D compatibility and an Audio Return Channel. A single HDMI cable can be connected to one HD source or 3D device. Thus, multiple HD sources or 3D devices can be connected as the unit has lots of inputs ? making it easy for you to turn it into your very own entertainment hub.
  • Latest audio decoding technology for an enhanced surround sound experience.
  • Very easy to mount on TVs or to hung on walls. This is due to its sleek and compact 34.8 lbs. x 22.1 lbs. x 11.1 lbs. measurement as well as 34.8 lbs. weight.
  • Comes with an HDMI Repeater for better and more simplified audio & video signal transfers.


Customer Reviews and Ratings



Going through all the customer reviews for the Sony HT-CT150, this sound bar seem like a popular choice among home entertainment fanatics and gamers. It has very high to perfect star ratings from users.

Of course, most users were skeptical to get it at first. Most users just decided to get one after reading other posted reviews for this Sony Sound Bar System. So far, most of them appreciate their units. They?re also actually very happy they replaced their old systems with this unit.

Users note that it has a max volume of 50 so if you?re used to sound systems, a 24 to 25 volume is actually more than enough, right? Then again, though users point out that this unit is not a true 5.1, it still has great surround effects as well as a very full sound to compensate for that. There were also users who mentioned that it can be a bit slow to switch inputs but that?s always the case for most systems so that?s a pretty minor issue.

Other users mentioned that for its sound quality ? its vocals sounded nice & crisp. For a sound bar under the $300 price range, this Sony sound bar is truly very impressive, according to one user.?Click here to read more customer reviews?

Overall, this Sony sound bar can definitely replace a 5.1 system. Though you can?t really compare its surround effects with higher end models or a 5.1 to 7.1 mix, it still delivers good, crisp sound qualities. The best thing about this sound bar from Sony is that it?s really cheap. It is definitely a good one to have for those with nosy little ones at home. With the high 4.1 star rating for average customer reviews, the Sony HT-CT150 is truly the best choice for people with very limited spaces at home. It will prove to be more than enough for your surround sound needs.

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