Snow Joe SJ620 Snow Blower Review

Snow Joe SJ620The Snow Joe SJ620 18-Inch Electric Snow Blower is a fairly lightweight but powerful electric machine. It is absolutely designed to clear snow as deep as 10 inches and as wide as 18 inches. In fact, it has a 5 steel blade rotor to throw snow at an impressive distance of 20 feet. Labeled as an electric snow blower, this unit is powered by a 13.5 amp motor that can move 650 pounds of snow typically in a minute. It also has an adjustable chute that can do a full 180. With its simple and compact design, the Snow Joe SJ620 18-Inch Electric Snow Blower is useful in maneuvering and reliable in driving. For homeowners who have issues dealing with a typical, heavy weight snow thrower, this could just be the answer to their problems.

Through corners and thick snow, this Snow Joe Snow Blower is a machine that is easy to maneuver due to the wheels. It is made for easy-gliding and pivoting, which saves any user a lot of valuable time. Moving on, this machine has 4 heavy duty rotors located at the bottom. It?s for clearing snow in less time and helpfully preventing a user from damaging it regardless of obstacles. A snow scraper blade can also be found at the bottom of the snow blower. This feature helps scrape any snow that?s been left behind, which assures neat clearance of snow. It can definitely clear areas from small areas like the patio to a much bigger one like sidewalks or driveways.

Snow Joe Snow Blower

Features and Specifications



  • Equipped with a 13.5 amp powerful motor for a superior performance
  • Clears snow 18 inches wide and 10 inches deep or high
  • 180 degree chute (adjustable) for directional control
  • 5-steel scraper blade or rotor added to ensure no snow is left behind and to eliminate the need for re-clearing
  • Snow blower starts with just a push of a button (no cord pulling needed)
  • Measures 45? x 19? x 38? and weighs 38.2 pounds
  • Only comes with the thrower, no batteries or warranty included


Customer Reviews and Ratings



The Snow Joe SJ620 Snow Blower received some very good reviews. Its performance was highly appreciated by self-proclaimed owners and users. They have had experiences using it already.

One user said that he was surprised at how he was able to use this particular snow blower to clear almost 20 inches of snow although the label only claimed to clear 18. Another buyer said that he was impressed at how much work he got done in just a day using this Snow Joe Electric Snow Blower. The same customer also mentioned that he liked how easy it was to work with this machine.

One owner of this model of Snow Joe snow blower said that it?s a ?little snow blower? but a great one. After doing his own research on how good or reliable this machine would be, he came up to try having it. He was happy that he purchased it as the price was worth paying. He had no problems using it because the maintenance was not an issue and performance was better than using a shovel.

There?s also a person who claimed this snow blower really worked out as he expected it. The snow he had to clear out was taller. That would make him pick up the machine and he didn?t have a problem doing so. The result was perfect as it did clear snow that high enough. However, he also shared that he had to use the blower two days only in just one fall season. He also added that those days were not good. He was not sure of how long would the product last but if to speak about the performance it impressed him.

One other user of the Snow Joe SJ620 gave a 2 star rating. He said that he had to deal with a few issues. He used his snow blower on wet snow and was able to get fairly good results but after this, the machine stopped working.?Click here to read more customer reviews?

Overall, this Snow Joe Snow Blower is a fairly good buy. For the snow blower?s size and price, the performance would be reliable. Other than that, it must be something to deal with personally. That?s how you can decide whether to go for it or not. It is much better, however, to have some other brands of snow blowers and compare them with this Snow Joe?s model. You will see if there is a more useful and reliable snow blower than this or not. Afterwards, you can make your decision with confidence and risking your money.

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