Snap On 2000 PSI Pressure Washer Review

Snap On 2000 PSI Pressure WasherSnap-on has been a popular name in tools for some time now.? Owing to its popularity, Snap-On has made it a practice to not only make their products in the same high quality that the company? has adapted since it conceived the idea of interchangeable? sockets and wrench handles – hence the name Snap-On. The company was formed in 1920 when the company marketed 10 sockets that ?snapped-on? to 5 different handles. This concept changed the world of hand tools forever. To this day, the company continues to lead with new innovations and keep their product line expanding.? As the years passed, Snap-On led the way in becoming the consumers? go-to company for ingenious solutions provisions.? Being the inventor of the Flank Drive? wrenching system has placed the company in a high place among other tool manufacturers and allowed it to enhance its offerings by moving forward with its capabilities to expand its offers of solutions to customers to include diagnostic, under-the-hood, under-car and other practical tools for vehicle repair / maintenance. All of which enables every mechanic, electrician and do-it-yourselfer will appreciate because it makes their work so much easier and so much simpler.?

With the Snap On 2000 PSI Electric Power Pressure Washer, the expected quality of a Snap-On product does not disappoint the buyer.? Its advanced features coupled with durability and performance makes for a reasonably priced, entry point pressure washer.? Being electrically powered, it initiates the new pressure washer user to the world of working with high pressure water.? This builds up the user?s confidence so that when the time comes to graduate to a more powerful machine, they will pretty much have the hang of operating a similar machine, save for maybe, the difference being gas-powered.? The electrical operation assures the customer of easy start up and operation.?? With enough power generated (1600 PSI); this little machine can easily get the job of cleaning outdoor and indoor areas done quite well. There is enough pressure for the water to force out dirt, grime and other undesirables from driveways, decks, sidings, patios, patio furniture, barbecues RVs, ATVs, boats, motorcycles and other items worthy of keeping clean. Small machinery can also get clean safely and thoroughly, ensuring extended lifespan for your precious equipment. Lightweight and easy to lug around, this Snap On Pressure Washer can be a great help with your outdoor cleaning jobs. Let?s just hope that all the criticisms do not apply to you!

Snap On Pressure Washer

Features and Specifications



  • Total stop system ensures a longer machine life
  • 20 foot long pressure hose
  • 1600 pounds per square inch powered by electricity
  • 35 foot power cord – GFCI protected
  • Spray gun with an adjustable nozzle
  • 18 pounds net weight
  • 120 volts / 60Hz


Customer Reviews and Ratings



For all the promotional material that this product has on many different websites, the product?s actual performance is quite a letdown.? Many of the comments received note the mediocre or outright poor performance of the Snap On 2000 PSI Pressure Washer. A positive point that came from reviewers was that the machine was quite easy to operate.? This may be largely due to the electrical operation of this product.? Because it is powered electrically, very little trouble can be expected when starting up. Beyond that, there is no saying what can go wrong.? Sad to say that the negative criticisms that came in by way of reviews outnumbered the good things people had to say about this Snap On Pressure Washer. It may appear as a handsome little package but the buck stops there.? Working with something that cannot assure you of continuous performance is a real wet blanket. It can easily discourage you from doing the job yourself and will probably push you to hiring professionals to do it for you. ?You end up with ridiculous bills when you could have bought a quality machine and done the job yourself! In the end, a good, reliable machine will pay for itself in terms of savings you make from the concept called do-it-yourself.? Genius, if you think about it, right??Click here to read more customer reviews?

Sometimes, the assumption that a more expensive price tag on a product end up proving itself to be more capable of the job at hand. Seriously, when a product that gets rave reviews but in actuality flops, hands down, it makes you wonder if all those rave reviews are all but the real thing. It has always been a practice for manufacturers, dealers and distributors to give their sales a boost by hiring people to send in their comments or out rightly hiring writers to put together literary works that sing praises for new or slow moving products. There is nothing wrong with this practice. It only paves the way for trust and customer loyalty if the writers are conscious enough to make sure or do the proper research to make an honest review or comment for the product in question.? In the end, it is still the manufacturer?s reputation that hangs in the balance so it is worth whatever effort they can do to be honest to their customers so that they come back again and again.

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