Singer Futura CE-150 Embroidery Machine Review

Singer Futura CE-150Singer is one of the leading brands specifically in sewing machines and accessories and having the Singer Futura CE-150 as an addition to its great line of sewing products makes sewing and embroidery easy, fun and convenient. The Singer Futura CE-150 is one of Singer?s innovative computer utilized sewing and embroidery machines. The Singer CE-150 is capable of delivering exceptional sewing and embroidery outputs making each and every project a perfect one.It is a featured packed machine that dares to be different and functional in every way. The Singer CE 150 Futura has an auto needle threader that instantly threads your needle.? The drop in bobbin system makes propping your sewing machine very easy by just dropping in the bobbin; looping the guide and picking up the bobbin thread. The bobbin also has a clear cover making you see if you need to reload your thread easily.

The Singer CE150 Futura?s 24 built in stitches gives you a variety of stitch styles to choose from therefore you won?t be running out of stitches for quilting, hemming or just plain sewing. The two automatic buttonholes gives you ease making button holes too both sides of the button holes stitched in the same direction for pr?cised sewing. If you are having problems about bunching threads on fabrics, then the CE-150 Futura is capable of adjusting the stitch width and length making your personalized stitches much easier. The automatic twin needle control can be changed in a snap making two parallel rows of stitching for a more decorative stitching effect. The stop needle is also programmed making you choose to stop the needle action whether it?s on the upper part or on the down part. The Singer CE 150 is also USB connectivity capable. By just attaching a USB cable you can then start transferring your designs and patterns. The Futura software is also compatible with most of design files making you worry less on thinking if your designs will be read by the machine or not.

For your embroidery fascination, this Singer embroidery machine gives you an outstanding 120 built-in embroidery designs to choose from so you can start your embroidery project right away. For adding personal touches on your projects,it also has a lettering program with 5 different fonts to choose from. Other Singer Futura CE 150 features includes a warning signal audibly delivered by the machine to alert user, easy threading when the machine is out of thread, heavy duty metal frame, automatic tension that automatically adjusts tension in order to make quality stitches and embroidery in any type of fabric. Additional features are the extra high pressure foot lifter that offers more clearance when placing in layers of bulky fabrics, 4 segmented feed dogs with box feed, maximum stitch is at 7mm and adjustable at any width in between, Vertical & Horizontal Thread Delivery designed for today types of thread, Automatic Bobbin Winding Clutch, Electronic Stitch Formation, Electronic Stitch Formation which aides sewing multiple layers of dense fabric, 13 needle position, and automatic software and firmware updates that automatically upgrades your Singer sewing and embroidery machine software every time it is available on the internet.

This all in one sewing machine is just exactly the sewing machine every sewing and embroidery enthusiasts is looking for. Now with the Singer 150, every sewing and embroidery project can be done with ease and professional results.

Singer Futura CE-150 Sewing and Embroidery Machine

Features and Specifications



  • All in one sewing machine with ultimate built-in features such as buttonhole styles, 120 built-in embroidery designs, 24 built-in stitches and lettering program with 5 built-in fonts.
  • Needle threader, easy threading system and drop in bobbin system which makes basic preliminary tasks very easy.
  • Small and large embroidery hoops of sizes 4 ? x 6 ? and 3 ? x 4 ? .
  • Three stay bright LED lights that lights up the sewing area so you will be seeing your sewing tasks clearly.
  • USB cable connector for easy file transfer and design compatibility feature that accepts most file types for your designs.
  • 4 way design transmission where designs can be transferred one color block at a time, the whole design all at once, the design can be sent in a single color, or during data submission the color sequence can be easily chosen.
  • Warning signals alerting the user and step by step tutorial on how to effectively use the machine.


Customer Ratings and Reviews



The Singer Futura CE-150 Embroidery Machine has a lot of positive reviews online stating that the machine is so great in both sewing and embroidery. All of the featured functions are very usable and have an equal use to every stitching and embroidery project. One reviewer said that she has totally fallen in love with this sewing and embroidery machine and will definitely recommend the machine to anyone who?s looking for the best sewing and embroidery machine on the market. Another customer stated that machine delivers exceptional embroidery results even without the help of a stabilizer unlike other machines that require stabilizers in order to make the embroidery designs stable.

The machine is also easy to use even if you wouldn?t use the step by step manual. The hoops are very convenient too especially the big ones which allows the user to embroider larger designs and longer names. Also the Futura software is easy to use with all the instructions and the compatibility makes everything a piece of cake. The function that requires a computer attached so that it will be embroidered is seen as an advantage since it gives the user a larger image of what they are working on. The colors and details are more visual especially if using embroidery software such as Embrid, having a large screen helps a lot in precised designing and color recognition. The machine also delivers great quality for its price. It works really well and thus delivers all sewing and embroidery outputs in an almost perfect phase.?Click here to read more customer reviews?

Overall, the Singer Futura CE-150 is one great sewing machine every sewing enthusiast would want to have.

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