Simpson MSH3125-S Pressure Washer Review

Simpson Megashot MSH3125-SAn incredible 3100 PSI provides more power than actually necessary for most household chores. The Simpson MSH3125-S Megashot 3100 PSI Gas Powered Pressure Washer is rated for consumer use but at this PSI rate, it will be able perform moderate to moderately heavy projects without any difficulty. Of course, owners should be conscious of the proper use to assure a long machine life, but once in a while, exceeding its working capacity will probably not hurt the machine. Still, enough precaution is in order.? A minimal investment gives the buyer a maximum cleaning power the satisfaction this product brings to its users exceeds the price they pay – and the unit literally pays for it in the long run because you end up saving a lot by doing the jobs on your own instead of hiring professionals to do it for you.

The spray gun is ergonomically designed and frees your hand from fatigue while operating the machine. Standard nozzles and attachments are accepted by the Quick Connect steel adaptor. 0?, 15?, 25? and 40? nozzles together with a soap applicator comprise the 5 stainless steel Quick Connect set of nozzles that come with your purchase. These allow the user to use the best possible spray pattern suited for the job at hand. Unique to this Simpson Pressure Washer is a rubber hose instead of one made of a plastic/PVC material. This allows for better control of the hose as well as real hose resistance from kinks and folds. If your project is heavily soiled, there is no need to load tanks with pressure washer safe detergent, all you have to do is simply drop the included siphoning tube into the approved detergent?s container (the one the detergent came in) and attach the soap applicator. A simpler method to get soap going with your washer! Best of all, this product is built like a tank with sturdy frame of? 1 1/4 , 16 gauge steel tube and an engine plate of 12 gauge steel. Their wheels are big enough and make treading over any terrain easy. The wand and hose hanger is also conveniently positioned on the trolley. The fuel tank fills with 1.9 quarts of gas for a long operating period before refilling.

Simpson Pressure Washer

Features and Specifications



  • Engine Brand: Honda GC
  • Pump Brand: Faip
  • Starter: Recoil
  • Pump Type: FNA Brass Head Axial Cam
  • Horsepower / cc: 190 cc
  • Chemical Injection: Siphon tube
  • Engine Consumer Warranty: 2 years
  • Pump Consumer Warranty: 1 year


Customer Reviews and Ratings



Be ready to be impressed with a 5 star rating out of 5 stars! The Simpson MSH3125-S Megashot 3100 PSI Gas Powered Pressure Washer is ideal for homeowners with a larger than average area to work on and more items on their cleaning list. But of course, it?s not made only for them.? A tad more extra power is afforded to its user because of the 3100 PSI capability. 2.5 GPM capacity enables you to do the job continuously. Wide pool decks, expansive decks and driveways and a number of washable furnishings as well as vehicles will benefit highly from this untiring workhorse.? A well-deserved reputation of the Honda GC engine is its quiet operation as well as its easy starting makes the machine the ideal home power cleaning tool. A well-balanced, low profile makes wheeling the cart around and maneuvering a breeze. This Simpson pressure washer works perfectly well with Simple Green? Ultimate Soap Kit (available separately). Because of this soap?s all natural formulation, it will not harm the environment, will not cause any toxins in the sewers, rinses well and is surprisingly very effective in getting things clean. Money saving too because its consumption can be varied depending on the strength of dilution you use it.?Click here to read more customer reviews?

Several other accessories are also sold separately. A water broom with 4 nozzles, a quick connect gutter cleaner, pressure washer roller,? orifice turbo nozzle, fiberglass telescoping wand and a cam spray utility brush are all accessories that can make your washer more efficient for certain jobs and your project a whole lot easier for you! If you are a newbie with power washers, it is best to seek the advice of a store professional rather than basing your decision solely on what you read online. Remember, store professional deals regularly with the actual units and is truly familiar with the pros and cons of the many different models.? In addition to that, he has probably been properly schooled by the different manufacturers with regards to their respective products and the differences between the different models. They are most informed when it comes to working capacity and will be able to advise you with the best possible model that suits your needs.

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