Senco PC1010 Air Compressor Review

Senco PC1010Headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio, Senco has grown from a small company to one that now has distributors all over the world. Well known by both professionals, remodelers, hobbyists and craftsmen, Senco provides the right equipment for several different kinds of requirements.? Being one of the most recognized names in the manufacture of pneumatic fastening tools as well as the very tools they drive, the company boasts of a higher degree of quality, workmanship and affordability. Industries like construction, woodworking, cabinet and furniture assembly and industrial packaging works.

At just 20 lbs, the Senco PC1010 1-Gallon Air Compressor is a delight to have around when you need the airpower to fire up nailers and staplers and such.? Its portability allows you to take it where you need it and will provide you with just the right amount of air pressure you need – and then some. This extra oomph comes in handy when encountering hard knots in wood or similar speed bumps in your projects. This baby is capable of punching out 20-44 drives per minute with its direct-drive motor.? No oil means practically nothing to worry about.? No mess and no worries as to how to dispose of used oil. The machine works smoothly every time – just like it?s fresh out of the box!

Not only do DIYers find this Senco Air Compressor something they can?t do without, even professionals have smaller jobs to do from time to time and this Senco baby supplies them with an excellent amount of air force that can help drive the job home. Run it indoors, it?s quiet enough to operate even with a sleeping baby in the next room! Neighbors won?t complain of the ruckus you?re making – they might not even hear a thing!? Plus, your wife won?t kill you for leaving marks on your hardwood floors. Its feet are covered in rubber so it never poses a dilemma if you run it indoors while it stands on your beautiful floor!

Senco Air Compressor

Features and Specifications



  • Supplies just the right amount of power – 1 gallon and 1 horsepower
  • DIYers, remodelers, hobbyists and crafters will find it ideal for the wide range of projects that they have to do
  • Packs a punch of 20 to 44 drives per minute – impressive for such a small machine!
  • Sturdy construction, lightweight and conveniently carries around where you need it – total versatility!
  • Tank is constructed of aluminum – light but strong!
  • comes with a 1-year warranty


Customer Reviews and Ratings



It just goes to follow, when you?re working with a heavy item, naturally, you strain your muscles and eventually give in to muscle fatigue.? The Senco PC1010 1-Gallon Air Compressor actually extends the amount of time that you can work without putting too much strain on your arms because you don?t have to keep lugging around a heavy piece of equipment.? This way, you save time and a lot less body aches because you are able to keep on doing your work, without feeling the strain on your body.? It?s pretty obvious that something this small won?t drive that many kinds of tools, save maybe for nail guns and staplers, but for its size, it?s a practical and wise choice.? Not only do you save your back, your ears will thank you too for considering them.? Sure you can do small jobs with a hammer and nails but, heaven help you, deafness is definitely one of the results you intend to get by finishing a small nailing job!

Check it:? the highest possible rating is 5 stars and this little Senco shot a 4.3 average out of 5 and 66 of the 104 voters popped in 5 stars — Not bad at all for the little train that could! Sure, its power is limited but you don?t always need power that?s enough to fire up a tank.? This Senco Air Compressor is the ideal little contraption that makes the smaller jobs a lot more fun to do.? The Senco Company is surely beside itself with glee, knowing that their littlest star shines as one of the brightest in the mini air compressor galaxy.? While there are those who can?t help but find fault in everything they can get their hands on, some of the negatives that have called attention are more on the power limitations. ?Click here to read more customer reviews?

Albeit helpful in some ways, some comments are simply quite ridiculous. Some mention that the unit is just a waste of money because it does not run the gamut of air tools they have.? Well, if that?s what you are expecting a compressor to do, maybe it?s in good form to choose one with a bigger and stronger motor so you don?t get disappointed, right?? Some folks are just too lazy to think about a more practical solution to their problem.

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