Rocky Mountain Radar RMR-D210 Radar Detector Review

Rocky Mountain Radar RMR-D210The Rocky Mountain Radar RMR-D210 Radar Detector prides itself in being the smallest radar detector at only 2 ? x 3 ? inches in size. This is definitely an advantage in radar detectors as it makes it easier to effectively conceal it from visual detection anytime. This also makes it very portable, in case you don?t want it lying around.

It has a 360 degree laser and radar protection that detects X, K, Ka and SuperWide radar and all laser brands. It has an advanced micro-electric design with Smart Scan, and is also VG-2 and VG-3 undetectable, keeping you safe from law enforcement in more ways than one. It also has a selectable VG-2 detection.

This Rocky Mountain Radar Detector also has a selectable VG-2 detection and has a memory that remembers the last setting used, making it more convenient and quicker for you to use the next time you need it. It has a 4 level dim and has highway functions, and includes a transparent smoke case to make it easier for you to carry it around and protect it from minor physical damages. It also includes a windshield mounting bracket with a coiled cord that fits the lighter socket, which eliminates your problem of finding a way to position it in your car.

Rocky Mountain Radar Detector

Features and Specifications



  • World?s smallest detector at 2 ?? x 3 1/2?
  • 360 degree laser and radar protection
  • Detects X, K, Ka and SuperWide radar and all laser brands
  • Detects safety and instant on radar
  • Selectable VG-2 and VG-3 modes for undetectability
  • Last setting memory
  • Advanced micro-electric design with Smart Scan
  • 4 level dim
  • Mute and highway functions
  • Includes transparent smoke case
  • Includes windshield mounting bracket with coiled cord that fits lighter socket


Customer Reviews and Ratings



Users of the Rocky Mountain Radar RMR-D210 Radar Detector were drawn to this unit because of the price, being one of the cheapest units in the market at only a bit over $40. This is definitely a whole lot cheaper than most radar detectors in the market, especially if you consider some radar detectors that have added features that can be useless to you. It is also probably the smallest you can find, which makes it very easy to hide, or to bring with you in case you don?t want to leave it behind. It is basically a radar detector that sets out to do exactly what it was meant to do, which is to detect radars.

For the price that it comes for, you would have probably expected that its performance cannot be compared to more expensive units. It does not really have the added functions that come with them, and the design is fairly simple and although not exactly something that would blow you away, also has a fairly simple design that neither stands out keeps it obscure in your car. The suction cups that come with it are a little too small for its size, and keep falling off probably because it is unable to support the unit. This can be a little distracting and can be considered as a problem, especially since you cannot prevent it from falling off once or twice while you?re driving, unless you permanently stick it onto your windshield or dash. This would make it very obvious that you have a radar detector though, which would definitely be an even bigger problem. The mounting bracket also cannot be removed from the device, which makes it a little inconvenient to store just anywhere, and would keep sticking out of your pocket. This is such a shame, since its size is one of its best features and having this mounting bracket in the way defeats the purpose of it portability.?Click here to read more customer reviews?

All in all, this Rocky Mountain Radar Detector can be a good driving companion in case you just need a little precaution, but would not be the type who would collect tickets without it. If you are prone to a lot of tickets on the road though, getting a more expensive but feature and function rich radar detector would probably be a better idea. You can try the K40 Calibre Radar Detector in this case.

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