Poulan Pro PR624ES Snowblower Review

Poulan Pro PR624ESA snow blower that?s designed for maximum efficiency and superior performance during colder climates is what the Poulan Pro PR624ES 24-Inch Snowblower claims to be. It is powered by a 208cc engine (OHV). Like other new modern blowers for snow, this model is a 2-stage, gas powered snow blower. In fact, it can be powered in two ways: by electricity or by recoil. The 13-inch tires of this Poulan Pro Snowblower makes it easy for users to maneuver even through thick snow. It is fairly lightweight and easily be maneuvered by anyone regardless of height, weight and age.

The Poulan Pro PR624ES can clear snow up to 24 inches wide or 23 inches deep. This means it is usable for any size of sidewalk and driveway. In addition, this snow blower can clear more snow in a much fast time and less effort. That?s what the included single auger with an extra impeller does. It has 2 levers for control too: the speed drive lever which is designed to the snow blower?s direction and the speed and traction drive lever for fast engaging and disengaging of the drive system. Also, this Poulan Pro Snowblower has control panels strategically placed in between the handle grips. Other than those, snow is thrown farther away by this 2-stage modern snow blower.

Poulan Pro Snowblower

Features and Specifications



  • Powered by OHV LCT engine via 208cc 24-inch electric start or recoil
  • Made with 12? x 12? diameter auger-impeller and 13-inch tires for easier drive even at thick snow
  • With remote controlled discharge chute and deflector for clearing snow at a distance
  • Has an adjustable skid plate (customizable on a variety of surfaces)
  • Comes with a 2-stage snow blower-thrower unit, an ergonomic handle, controls, 13? x 5? tires
  • Durable parts that are mostly made of metal for long-lasting period of use
  • Easy to assemble and dismantle once winter is over or when not in use
  • Non-CARB Compliant so it?s not for sale or use in California


Customer Reviews and Ratings



The Poulan Pro PR624ES Snowblower received a rating of approximately 4 out of 5 from its users. A lot of them agreed that this snow blower is indeed a helpful, functional machine. From the performance to the various parts, they shared positive comments and remarks regarding it.

An anonymous owner said that he was able to use his snow blower with ease and comfort because of the control panels. He never had any technical problem while operating the machine.

Another used shared about what he liked about this Poulan Snowblower. It was the adjustable skid plates that allowed him to use his own snow blower on different surfaces. From concrete to dirt, it worked well.

There?s also a self-proclaimed owner who shared an interesting review. He said their house has a 100-ft longer driveway (compared to a typical driveway). It was not enough for him to use a shovel to clear out a big pile of snow. With the use of this electric snow blower, he was able to remove snow for a total of more than 200 feet long between 30 and 45 minutes. That impressed him as he would not have to work hard or finish the job in more than a day.

One more highlighted that he couldn?t complain about the delivery, service and performance of this product. It took him only a few days to get his order. When he started using it, voila! According to him, it worked really well and powerful.

Few users who gave the Poulan Pro PR624ES a rating of 1 or 2 complained about almost the same issue. They claimed the snow blower was delivered as a defective machine or with some parts missing. Since this snow blower comes with a 2 year limited warranty, they were given replacements. What they didn?t like was the hassle that it caused them. As a matter of fact, one customer said that he had to hire someone else to plough snow from their driveway even though they bought the machine because the key to it was not sent with the package.?Click here to read more customer reviews?

Overall, this machine is a great buy in terms of basic removal of snow. Whether a small pile or a massive load of snow, it can gets the job done quite quickly. It?s easy to assemble and operate as what customers have said. It is definitely a good choice to consider when you are looking for a product that can help you clear out snow in a fast time and less effort. When it comes to the performance, it wouldn?t be a bad choice at all too. The features and specs said it all anyway.

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