Murray 1695885 Snowblower

Murray 1695885For clearing out snow as thick as 8 inches, the?Murray 1695885 22-Inches Snowblower would be helpful in that regard. This particular model of snow blowing machine is equipped with 800 Snow Series engine (OHV). Adding that ?it?s motor is crafted by Briggs & Stratton, which is known to be among the reliable producers of lawn motor engines. The auger that is responsible in cleaning snow as further down to a cemented ground is made with wear resistant polymer. This product comes with electric starter and cord upon order.

This Murray Snowblower is useful for light use conditions. The single stage thrower allows a user to throw snow for as far as 20 to 30 feet. Whether it is on the sidewalk or driveway, this electric blower of snow would be a reliable assistant. While it is easy to start and operate the unit, clearing snow as thick as 8 inches won?t consume a lot of time. In addition, the device has a dimension of 36 ? 3/4 x 22 ? 3/4 x 22 ?1/2 inches with an intake height of 12 and 3/5 inches. Anyone can buy this as long as it is not a resident of California because the product is exclusively considered as Non-CARB compliant.

Murray Snowblower

Features and Specifications



  • Starts by a push of a button; Runs by Briggs & Stratton 800 Snow Series (205cc, 4-cycle) OHV, gas powered engine
  • With auger driving system; Auger is coated with wear resistant polymer
  • Clears snow of 8 inches up to 30 feet (recommended for light use conditions)
  • Package includes a 22-inch snow blower, a cord and an electric starter
  • Generally designed with smart and innovative components
  • Measures36 ? 3/4 x 22 ? 3/4 x 22 ?1/2 inches and 12 and 3/5 inches of intake height
  • For residential use
  • Easy to operate, maintain, carry or transport and store
  • Non-Carb Compliant; Not for use or sale in the state of California


Customer Reviews and Ratings



There were customers who were grateful to have their own Murray 1695885 Snowblower. Most of them were satisfied about the performance of the unit in terms of clearing snow. They shared their own personal experiences in using the machine. In fact, they considered as a very reliable machine during winter.

A senior citizen customer said that he used to have a hard time clearing snow because he only had to rely on a shovel. When he bought this Murray?s snow blower, he was surprised how it worked faster and better.

An owner of the same product from Washington DC told the performance impressed him. It took him only half an hour to clean his property. In fact, he also used the snow blower to clear out snow from the driveways of his three neighbors. He also added that this Murray ?Snowblower was worth buying for.

One customer also bought the Murray 1695885 to replace his old one. It did great as he expected it so. It helped him clean 10 to 12 inches snow.

Another one said he bought two units. He bought one for himself and gave one for his daughter. It worked during his first pull of the starter. Then the rest was satisfaction for him as it cleaned his long driveway and sidewalk.

There?s also an owner who recommended this snow blower. His recommendation was based on his personal experience using it. It was portable because of its small design but its performance was a good one. It?s good to use in clearing snow for a small area.

Someone from Oklahoma admitted that he was not sure what to buy. But he was intrigued of the electric start feature of this Murray ?Snowblower. So, he purchased one for himself anyway. During his first pull, he was surprised that the machine didn?t work and had to restart it. He was wishing not to use it again for the next year.

There was also a complaint from another buyer. When he gave his testimony, he had not yet use the machine but he tried to start running it and it ran fine. His issue was the small damage of his snow blower on delivery. He should have listened to the warning he read before he ordered it. He experienced the same in buying a product. It was slightly damaged even before he used it because of its unsecured packaging.?Click here to read more customer reviews?

Overall, this Murray Snowblower would be a good buy. Its function to clear paths during snow days works as expected. It may only take a few tries to pull the starter depending on your luck or experience regarding starting an electric snow blower. If there?s one thing to be cautioned about, it is the source where you would buy it. You must ensure that you purchase this product that is packaged securely. That would assure you an undamaged snow blower upon delivery.

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