Liberty Pumps SJ10 Sump Pump Review

Liberty Pumps SJ10For a compact, sleek design, the Liberty Pumps SJ10 Sump Pump is here to present itself. It is definitely manufactured in a very handy style. It is only 5 pounds and measures 14.5 by 5.1 by 21.6 inches! That makes it easy to use in pumping water in basement. There is also no difficulty carrying or storing it. In case of emergency like sudden power interruption or flood, you can simply grab it without hassles or worries. It would be definitely a useful sump pump whenever you need it.

This SumpJet by Liberty is designed specifically for basement during power outage. It has a 60 PSI inlet water source pressure and 4-ft head to pump 19.8 GPM. In fact, it can accept 20 to 100 PSI inlet pressure. There is no need to use electricity for it to function or run. Just start it through municipal water supply and it?s ready to pump waster in a few, quick minutes. The added water inlet connection can accept copper, pex and CTS CPVC as long as it?s 3/4 inch line. Other features of this Liberty Sump Pump include an in-built screen with foot valve that is removable, check valve at its water inlet, adjustable hose clamp made of stainless steel, and alarm with visual and audible warning.

Liberty Sump Pump

Features and Specifications



  • 60 PSI inlet water supply pressure but accepts 20 PSI to 100 PSI
  • water inlet connection accepts copper, pex or CTS CPVC (3/4-inch line)
  • 4-foot head that pumps up to 19.8 GPM
  • Measures 14.5 x 5.1 x 21.6 inches; weighs 5 pounds
  • Manufactured in compact, lightweight design
  • Clears water up to 2 gallons
  • With 2-year warranty
  • Packed with a fully automatic pump system, visual and audible alarm, adjustable hose clamp (stainless), built-in screen and foot valve (removable), and built-in check valve (water inlet)


Customer Reviews and Ratings



Among owners and users who gave reviews about the Liberty Pumps SJ10 Sump Pump, only 10 to 12% had something to say about its flaws. Other than that, comments and feedback shared were positive.

A happy owner of the Liberty SJ10 said that he had many issues with the use of several sump pumps. When he started using this model SJ10 for testing, he was impressed. There was no problem installing and it started to work well.

One customer said he didn?t install the sump pump himself. However, it worked fine as he expected and promised by the label of the product. It was quiet all throughout its working mode. For him, it?s a good product to pump basement water.

Someone was also motivated to give his own review after reading a complaint about the noise this Liberty Pumps SJ10 made. He argued that it was not a sump pump that was loud. It only made noise after using it. He had nothing to complain about other things too.

There was also an owner of this Liberty Pumps Sump Pump who highlighted what he liked about it. One was the high water alarm that it was easy to set up and reliable to use. The sump pump?s replacement hole cover was also useful. He added that the check valve built-in was helpful in preventing water that back flows in the water line. Overall, it was a great sump pump for him.

Another happy user said he saved a lot of dime in using this backup sump pump. It was a reliable sump pump to remove water despite the fact that his place rained for 6 inches high for 10 days.

One user also argued about the noise some people complained about when using this sump pump. According to him, it was not that annoying because what mattered to him was that it could keep basement dry without the use of electricity. The pressure was great and it?s quick enough to pump water. His only problem was that the float mechanism was not as delicate as it would have been. His sump pumps float easily broke off so that?s his only issue about.

Another owner testified that he?d been using this sump pump. He had problem with the float as it stuck and the pump unit did not work when it should have been. The good news was that he only tested it and was not yet a full pumping mode. He said that if there?s flood in his basement, he wouldn?t have remove water. He guessed he couldn?t rely to it.?Click here to read more customer reviews?

Generally, this Liberty Sump Pump would be a good purchase. One reason is that it is lightweight and handy so in case of emergency it would be a reliable unit to use. The second reason is that it really works in pumping and removing water up to 2 gallons. You may only have to deal with the frailty of the float mechanism. If that would be the case, have some spare parts for replacement.

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