LG WM2240CW Front Load Washer Review

LG WM2240CWThe LG WM2240CW Front Load Washer uses the innovative 6 Motion technology, creating a smarter way to get your clothes cleaned. Six different wash motions are combined in each wash cycle, providing a revolutionary cleaning experience. It has the LG True Balance anti-vibration system that minimizes washer noise and vibration, allowing you to place your washer anywhere in your home. Its smooth and quiet performance will never disturb anyone inside your home again, especially with LG?s LoDecibel quiet operation. The LED display and intuitive Dial-A-Cycle controls helps you calibrate the settings just the way you want it.

This LG front load washer also uses the Direct Drive Motor that uses fewer moving parts, and is even backed by a 10-year warranty. You don?t need to wait around for the wash anymore, with the Speed Wash Cycle bringing you your clothes clean and fresh in just 15 minutes. The Sense Clean system sets the water level and the wash time depending on the weight, which means you do not have to waste water and energy on small loads anymore.

LG Front Load Washer

Features and Specifications



  • LG True Balance anti-vibration system minimizes washer noise and vibration
  • 6 Motion technology combines up to 6 different wash motions
  • Direct Driver Motor uses fewer moving parts and operates more efficiently, and is backed by a 10-year warranty
  • Speed Wash cycle gets your clothes clean and fresh in 15 minutes
  • LED display and electronic control panel featuring soft-touch button controls
  • Sense Clean system automatically sets the water level and wash time for each load based on the weight
  • LoDecibel Quiet system makes operation quieter
  • Smart Diagnosis feature helps the service center diagnose the problem over the phone, or through an app on your smart phone
  • Has a large 3.7 cu. Ft. capacity that allows you to do more laundry in fewer loads
  • Energy Star compliant
  • One year warranty on parts and labor, and lifetime warranty on drum
  • Spin speeds of extra high, high, medium, low, and no spin
  • Wash and rinse temperatures of hot, warm, ecowarm, cold and tap cold
  • Options for prewash, rinse and spin, quick cycle, stain cycle, tub clean, delay wash (up to 19 hours), water plus, extra rinse, and child lock
  • Has a four tray dispenser for prewash, main wash, bleach, and softener


Customer Review and Ratings



There are mixed feelings about the LG WM2240CW Front Load Washer. One of its users for example, had no problems at all about this washer after using it for a year, washing clothes around two to three times a day. The settings and options are great, and the washer does its job the quickest way possible.

It is a completely different story for other users though, as another user was only able to use the washer for 2 years when it stopped working. Other users found it to be poorly designed, making the filter very difficult to clean. Taking the filter out of this LG front load washer is in itself a very tedious task, and add to that the fact that it starts leaking after cleaning the filter out a few times. Although some users have solved this problem by putting some Vaseline on the O ring, this only solves the problem with the leak, and still leaves you with the hassle of having to deal with the filter.?Click here to read more customer reviews?

Basically, this LG Front Load Washer definitely gets the job done as far as washing is concerned. Cleaning can get a bit tricky though, so avoid this unit if this aspect is something that is more important to you than washing performance alone.

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