LG LW7010HR Window Air Conditioner Review

LG LW7010HRThe LG LW7010HR Window Air Conditioner is among the wide range of products that LG, one of the biggest names in appliances, manufactures. LG has been producing product after product that add convenience and quality into every home and office since 1958, aligned with their mission to deliver innovative digital products and services to make lives better, easier and happier. LG has always made sure that they work along every advancement and development in technology, and this LG Window Air Conditioner is a visible testimony to this.

The LG LW7010HR brings you comfort into your very own home no matter what the season is. As these seasons change, you can easily adjust the temperature according to what you feel is appropriate through the multiple heating and cooling options, with multiple cooling and heating speeds to choose from. You can even move the air towards the direction where it is needed the most through its Four Way Air Direction feature.

What makes this LG Window Air Conditioner so convenient to use is the remote control that comes with the package, giving you the chance to adjust temperature and choose from the variety of options and settings without getting up and moving towards the unit. It also has a 12-hour on and off timer, letting you schedule the unit to start cooling up the room before you get home, or to automatically turn off a few hours after you?ve gotten comfortable and fallen asleep.

LG Window Air Conditioner

Features and Specifications



  • Seasonal cooling and heating, with different heating and cooling speeds that lets you use it the whole year round
  • Four-way air direction lets you adjust the deflection so that the air could move up, down, left or right, depending on where you need the air the most
  • Remote control that comes with the package lets you change settings and choose options without having to get up from the couch or form your desk
  • 12-hour on and off timer lets you schedule when the unit will start and stop cooling or heating the room for you


Customer Ratings and Reviews



Some users have complained that the manual that comes with the LG LW7010HR Window Air Conditioner was very difficult to understand, that the simple set up and installation can seem very complicated to do. Once this problem has been dealt with though, users started loving the unit immediately especially with the way it can cool or heat up a room in no time. Those who were initially worried about additional costs and upkeep were pleasantly surprised to find out about the energy saving option, where this LG Window Air Conditioner checks the room conditions every 3 minutes to see if it needs to continue cooling the room or if it has reached the best level of comfort, after which it will automatically turn on or off as needed.

At this price, a lot of people think that a remote is not really necessary, but this has turned out to be one of the best features in this unit that most users loved. With the remote control in your hand, there is no need to get up from the bed when you feel too hot or too cold, and it doesn?t interrupt you by dragging you off of your desk when you?re in the middle of something in case you need to change any of the settings.

A user has found that is heating features were not as strong though, and only gives out warm air at the most. This has been an isolated issue so far.?Click here to read more customer reviews?

Overall, this LG Window Air Conditioner is a fairly decent buy for its price, especially when you consider the fact that most units in this price range would not have the remote control as part of the package. This is a feature that would most often come in bigger and more expensive units, which is refreshing to see in this one.

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