Karcher X-Series Pressure Washer Review

Karcher X-SeriesAs close to perfection as possible, the Karcher X-series 2000 PSI Electric Pressure Washer pretty much sums it all up when it comes to electric powered pressure washers.? Because overheating greatly affects the lifespan of pressure washers (or any machine, for that matter), the water cooled pump and engine of the X-series 2000 will probably outlive most of your other power tools in the garage. This Karcher Pressure Washer has less vibration than most and the motor?s noise has been reduced by 50% so you can now work comfortably without the bothersome noise. And because it vibrates less, wear and tear damage due to vibration is greatly lessened. Another plus to the life of your machine! The patented N-Cor polymer is light and strong while it resists corrosion. The new pump design actually outlives, outperforms and is a lot quieter than the older ones.? A really cool feature that is built in to the spray gun wand is the Vario Spray Wand and Dirt Buster. The name alone sounds like it will take care of all kinds of dirt and problem areas without a glitch. The dirt blaster steam cleans (yes, steam!) deep seated dirt in nooks and crannies so you will be able to use the variable point washer tip to wash it away with the water. Just be careful not to use it on delicate surfaces or you?ll end up with a damaged item. Remember, the water pressure might be too strong for any delicate finishes or surfaces. The detergent tank comes off for easier filling and cleaning. There?s a hose reel for your convenience and can be used even while the unit is running.? This may help to keep the kinks and folds at bay, making your job easier and more convenient. You won?t have to keep stopping every so often to unlink the thing. With 25 feet of hose to work with, you?ll be thankful for that hose reel!

Karcher Pressure Washer

Features and Specifications



  • Motor Type: Induction
  • Pump Brand: Karcher
  • Motor Voltage: 120 volts / single phase / 13 amps
  • Power Cord Length: 35 feet GFCI
  • Pump Type: Axial Cam
  • Adjustable Pressure: NO
  • Chemical Injection: Single Detergent Tank
  • Hose: 25 ft


Customer Reviews and Ratings



Because built-up heat is the mortal enemy of most pressure washers, the Karcher Company took it upon them to virtually eradicate the problem of overheating. The solution: a water cooled motor that runs considerably quieter than the past models. The pump is made with a material that greatly resists corrosion – another reason for your machine to last longer than previous models. The hose reel is functional even while the machine is running. This makes a big difference when it comes to hose reels on other brands because it can be used while the machine is running instead of just using it for storage. This review and commentary was made by Bill Mikenis, Power Washer Expert at Power Equipment Direct in Bolingbrook, Illinois. He also makes a 5-star rating for this product and considers it a ?best buy? option for customers with considerations made on price, quality and after sales service.

It seems that with every pressure washer on the market for residential consumers come with a plastic/PVC hose. Most users complain about this component because it makes a difficult task of keeping it straight and free from kinks or folds. Work is hugely affected when you keep stopping what you?re doing to straighten it up to be able to resume work. The Quick Connect connector is made of plastic so it looks like it might break any minute but so far, it has proven itself worthy. The adaptor that connects the garden hose to the washer, made of plastic is not that sturdy that it breaks easily. Replacing the adaptor with a metal one is a wise and time saving option that you can do at the same time you buy this Karcher Pressure Washer.? That way, you won?t have to make a separate trip to the hardware store when the unwarranted happens.?Click here to read more customer reviews?

On the overall, the 85 reviews were positive and were very encouraging.? Customers were careful to use creative criticism with their negative views because, after all, the flaws they observed were not really that disastrous. Most were tolerable little problems that took very minimal action to resolve. On the whole, the machine?s performance pleased them all and would let them all recommend the product to future customers.? A quick check and demo at your nearest dealer will cement your decision to get the Karcher X-Series 2000 PSI.? Doing your research and your homework will not only prompt you to make the right decision but also keep you from blaming published reviews regarding your chosen product.

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