K40 Calibre Radar Detector Review

K40 CalibreThe K40 Calibre Radar Detector is a state of the art radar and laser protection system that maximizes your driving pleasure and minimizes your need to interact with the system, which is K40?s goal as far as their radar detectors are concerned. This is definitely expected as they use their years of experience in their innovative designs, having been in the industry since 1981.

The K40 Radar Detector uses a One Touch Remote that lets you turn it on or off, change between city and highway modes, and perform other actions without having to lean over towards your windshield or dash, the same thing you would be doing if you use other radar detectors. It has an Optimized Datadyne Processor, with an advanced radar design and waveguide antenna that provide an increase in performance to police radar technology, especially to the latest digital Ka band radar guns. It also uses a patented Dual Receiver technology that delivers true front and rear protection by using two separate radar receivers installed in two different locations in the vehicle to maximize warnings and give exact locations of police radars. It has a custom blue warning display that you can discreetly mount on your instrument cluster or dash, allowing you to maintain your vehicle?s appearance as much as possible while leaving the radar detector?s presence undetected.

The K40 Calibre shows distinct visual information that differentiates threats coming from the front and from the rear. Its amplified speaker allows you to hear all warning clearly, with the voice alerts providing confirmation on the radar band detected and the direction of the signal. It also lets you put the detector on mute easily using the one touch remote control, and also has an option for Exclusive Auto Mute that automatically switches audible alerts into a quiet clicking to reduce distractions during prolonged interactions. This quiet clicking then goes into full mute after 60 seconds, which should be enough time for you to heed the warning and adjust your speed accordingly. With its Advanced City Mode, it greatly reduces false alerts, while its Laser Stealth technology deactivates police laser capability, leaving you scot free no matter how many threats you pass.

K40 Radar Detector

Features and Specifications



  • Patented design mounts for separate wireless radar receivers behind the front grill and the rear bumper
  • One Touch remote control
  • Optimized Datadyne processor
  • Patented Dual Receiver technology
  • Custom blue warning display
  • Amplified speaker
  • Voice alerts
  • Easy mute
  • Exclusive auto mute
  • Advanced City Mode
  • Laser Stealth technology
  • VG-2 immunity


Customer Reviews and Ratings



If you consider design as a primary element in choosing an effective radar detector, then the K40 Calibre Radar Detector is definitely for you. With the two separate radar detectors in front and at the back, it definitely widens the range, and even conceals the detector more effectively compared to single-piece units mounted on your windshield or dash. Even the LED pods look like ordinary parts of your gauge, and the remote control makes it easier to manipulate, and is a lot better than having to reach out to the actual unit on your windshield or your dash to press a few buttons, which is very inconvenient to do while driving. The voice alerts are also very helpful, as it is very clear and audible and is a very effective way to warn you of upcoming threats.

What can pose as a problem are newer radar detector detectors such as the Spectre I, Spectre II, Spectre III and Spectre Elite. The K40 Radar Detector has not been updated to remain undetected by these models, so watch out for areas that are known to have these around. Driving in Virginia, Washington DC or Canada would mean having to turn you radar detector off, and just staying within the limits to avoid any problems.?Click here to read more customer reviews?

If you live anywhere else in North America though, the K40 Radar Detector is definitely the best choice around. It has great detecting abilities, remains unseen and undetected, and gives you precise information in a very timely manner.

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