iLive 2.1 Sound Bar Review

iLive 2.1The iLive 2.1 Sound Bar is currently one of the most sought after brands of sound bars on market. This iLive sound bar speaker is favored by homeowners because of its impressive features and the great surround sound experience it delivers.

This iLive sound bar speaker may be the best way you can improve your home entertainment experience. This 2.1 channel speaker bar may be small and compact with its 30 inches x 5.4 inches x 3.5 inches measurement but it definitely delivers a lot of power. It also supports and docks iPhones or iPods through its motorized docking station drawer.

This sound bar speaker from iLive comes with an AM /FM alarm clock. Users can even set it to gradual wake either to radio, iPod or iPhone. This iLive sound bar speaker also comes with a full-feature remote control.

Setting up the iLive 2.1 is also very easy as it is packaged with the necessary mounting hardware and an easy-to-follow User Set Up Manual.

It is also portable and light with its 11.2 lbs. weight.

iLive Sound Bar

Features and Specifications



  • Powerful 2.1 channel speaker bar.
  • Small & compact with its 30 inches x 5.4 inches x 3.5 inches measurement.
  • Supports & docks iPhones or iPods via a motorized docking station drawer.
  • AM /FM alarm clock.
  • Can be set to gradual wake to radio, iPod or iPhone.
  • Full-feature remote control.
  • Very easy to set up since it comes with the necessary mounting hardware & easy-to-follow User Set Up Manual.
  • Portable & light with its 11.2 lbs. weight.


Customer Reviews and Ratings



Looking at different customer reviews for this iLive?2.1, this sound bar speaker seem to have a lot of positive comments & feedbacks from users. Most of the users who bought it were only expecting a good small footprint sound bar but as it turns out, this iLive 2.1 sound bar speaker has exceeded their expectations.

Some of the comments and feedbacks of users about this iLive sound bar include having good audio quality, a decent bass & treble as well as looking nice w/ all its blue-lit buttons. Users also love the fact that it is automatic and they don?t need to press anything just to release. By using 2 hinges, this sound bar can be wall mounted too. Other good sides of this sound bar are its iPod charger/player and iPod video out to TV capability.

When it comes to its down sides, one user pointed out that this iLive sound bar doesn?t have any IR code for universal remotes so you have to be really careful with the remote. For the remote it is packaged with, users note that it is not that great since it seems to only work well when you?re directly in front of it. If you will try using it while you?re positioned at a far side, it won?t work. Another noted concern is its high rate of DOA.?Click here to read more customer reviews?

Overall, this iLive sound bar speaker can be better. It does have a lot of good sides but there are users who find its difficult to use and the difficulty to replace the remote a real turn off. Then again, if you are careful with the remote and if you?ll be using this sound bar for a small room then you?ll find this a really great unit to have. It can deliver that great surround sound experience you?re looking for (which is probably why you bought a sound bar speaker in the first place, right?). With the average to high star ratings given by reviewers for this sound bar and with its really low price, the iLive 2.1 is still worth considering.

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