Hydromatic D-A1 Sump Pump Review

Hydromatic D-A1Designed with carbon and ceramic seal, this Hydromatic D-A1 Sump Pump?features a motor with overload protection. The motor is powered with oil or gas to make it completely run. It is equipped with 0.30 horsepower at a flow rate of 48 GPM. The thermal overload protection automatically resets to further protect the motor from damaging. With the electrical cord included, this Hydromatic Sump Pump must be plugged in a 115 volt AC outlet. In just a few minutes, you are able to pump water and make your basement dry. This residential home sump pump unit is also useful in offices, commercial spaces and industrial buildings.

The Hydromatic D-A1 also features a single row ball bearing assembly. There is also a piggy back plug or switch included for convenient replacement and maintenance. You can simply start this unit to run in just a touch of a button. Since it is a submersible sump pump, this D-A1 model can be reliable for basement use especially during emergency situations. Plus, it is not difficult to use as it measures only 7 by 9.4by 7.9 inches with a weight of 27 pounds. With its automatic operation and solid built motor, it could really help you pump water when needed.

Hydromatic Sump Pump

Features and Specifications



  • Run 0.30 horsepower, oil-filled motor with built-in thermal overload protection (automatic reset)
  • Equipped with a single row ball bearing
  • Constructed in carbon ceramic mechanical seal in green and gray color
  • Designed with piggy back pressure diaphragm switch
  • Turns on at 7 to 7/8 inches and turns off at 3 to 3/8 inches
  • Pluggable to 115 voles
  • Manufactured with submersible pump that flows at 48 GPM, 10-feet electrical cord and handle.
  • Measures 7 by 9.4 by 7.9 inches; Weighs 27 pounds
  • Other features include: 1550 RPM, 1 to 1/2-inch NPT discharge and 8 A amperage capacity


Customer Reviews and Ratings



Only a few people had made their testimonies regarding their personal use of the Hydromatic D-A1 Sump Pump. The good news is that most of them had interestingly positive things to say. Would that be enough to convince you that this D-A1 is a reliable sump pump unit to buy? Is it going to be a good purchase in terms of price and performance? Let?s find that out through the feedback and comments of self-acclaimed owners of this model.

One user made a review by comparing this Hydromatic Sump Pump with the Flotec Sump Pump. He said that it took him 7 years to use the latter. When he replaced it with the Hydromatic D-A1, it lasted longer than 7 years. Until now for around 14 years, he?s still using it. He personally liked the performance of the unit from the durability of the cord to the easy floating system. For him, the diaphragm switch made it easier for the D-A1 to solve the floating bobber issue he had with the Flotec sump pump before.

One user made a short but positive review. He said his Hydromatic Sump Pump really works. He only hoped and expected that it would last for some, long years.

An owner for about six years had proven that this sump pump can last for long years. Because it had been crafted with ?hard curd and silt?, his pump was useful. It took a lot of years before the pressure switch started to fail. The pump and motor were still reliable to use. He only had to replace the switch for easier run.

One owner also had a good thing to say about this sump pump. He didn?t use any brand or model aside from this D-A1 by Hydromatic. He had some years to use one before he could replace it to a new one. Throughout the years he?d been using the same pump, he didn?t have anything to say against it. He was actually calculating the estimated expiration use of his own sump pump so he could be ready to have a new backup pump in case it?s in the middle of emergency.?Click here to read more customer reviews?

Overall, this Hydromatic Sump Pump would be a good option for purchase. If you are looking for a lightweight, sleek designed pump that can remove water successfully, this model can be helpful. However, if you compare it with other models or brands, you may be disappointed and opt for another. There are other sump pumps with more than 0.30 horsepower motor. Some have advanced and more innovative features too. Therefore, this D-A1 sump pump can be for a short term use only but can do the work to pump water in basement. You have to carefully weigh in your options if you want the most useful, reliable sump pump you can use in case of power outage or flood.

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