Husqvarna 12527HV Snowblower Review

Husqvarna 12527HVThis 2-stage, 27-inch Husqvarna 12527HV 27-Inch Snowblower is powered by a 12.4 gross torque SnowKing engine. It has the capacity to clear snow that is 27 inches wide and 23 inches high. The 2-stage auger impeller system is responsible for both clearing and ejection. Like other compact snow blowers, this model uses an engine which is plugged onto an outlet. There?s also the option to use a battery in just a press of a button. Either way, users can plough snow out from their driveways or sidewalks in less time.

This Husqvarna Snowblower comes with a drifoot cutter and weight bar for optional use. It is designed with big 16-inch by 5-inch tires. The size of the tires can make machine the move even on thick snow. There?s also a trigger controlled power steering (easy driving and turning) and a single-hand control (chute controls adjustment). In addition to those, this snow blower has LED headlights that let users remove snow even during foggy, dark or other low light conditions. All these are for easy use in controlling the machine to clear out snow.

Husqvarna Snowblower

Features and Specifications



  • Styled with a chain drive transmission, 12.4 gross torque SnowKing engine
  • Features a 2-stage 12527HV (clears snow as wide as 27 inches and high as 23 inches)
  • Designed with trigger control power steering (easy maneuvering through adverse conditions)
  • Includes a single hand control for chute control adjustment
  • Easily works through a push of a button via electrical plugging or batteries
  • Has LED headlights for gloomy days and low light conditions
  • Big 16? x 5? tires make for both thin and thick snow driving
  • Packed with a weight bar and a drifoot cutter.


Customer Reviews and Ratings



Most users of the Husqvarna 12527HV Snowblower said that this snow blower did live up to its promise and their personal expectations. Majority of the comments pertain to the technicality, durability and easy use of the blower unit.

One user who happened to be a lady said that this snow blower was not at all heavy or difficult to maneuver. Yet, it was a machine exclusively built to do its job for her. She also said that the machine was easy to operate. It did not take her a long time to get used to it.

Another user said that she liked the way that this Husqvarna Snowblower threw snow at an impressive distance. This snow blower also got compliments from her on how it would start instantly in just a single pull using recoil.

There?s also a review by a somewhat satisfied customer but still shared what he didn?t like. His pro statement was that the electric snow blower worked well at maximum speed. He said the idle circuit functioned impressively too. The pile of snow his blower made was another reason for his two-thumb approval. His dislikes was that it?s heavy and not easy to move. His explanation was that because of his short height caused the disadvantage. For him, it was a good machine to blow snow though it is not high technology unit unlike other brands.

The Husqvarna 12527HV got a few complaints too. It?s about the loud sound that was thought to be unhelpful or irritating for them. Some users who addressed the noise problem were not expecting that loud at all. That?s because they expected less sound when the engine is commercially advertised as powerful and designed with those promising specs. Another minor complaint from a buyer of this Husqvarna Snowblower was about the belts. This made the machine moved the auger slipped off which prevented him from using it.

In spite of these negative reactions, more positive ones were shared. That explains the average rating of this model of snow blower by Husqvarna which got 4.2 out of 5. Most of the bad feedback and comments were minor issues. If you compare it with other models or brands that have the same features, you may find a big difference.?Click here to read more customer reviews?

Overall, this snow blower would be a good purchase. That is if you are looking for a reliable unit that can really clear snow at a fair distance and a thick snow. If you are longing for one that has fair specs for a reasonable price, this would be also a good product to consider. If you prefer a snow blower that does not make any sound at all, you may think twice. Still, it has more pros than cons if you compare it with other brands or even with other models of the same manufacturer. The price is in range with all the other 27-inch snow blowers anyway. It?s made for residential use for locations with standard large driveways and sidewalks.

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