Honeywell HW2000i Portable Generator Review

Honeywell HW2000iFor home emergency use and outdoor activities, this Honeywell HW2000i 2,000 Watt Portable Inverter Generator would be a reliable machine. It features a 125cc 4-stroke air cooling OHV engine. It works for all standard appliances with its 120 volt output for up to 2000 surge watts. This generator is usable for 5 long hours at 50% load. It is a gas powered machine so fuel is needed to run it. In addition to that, the maximum gas needed is 1.5 gallon. It would definitely be a helpful power backup during outage and even for short time recreational purposes.

Like other commercially sold generators, this Honeywell Portable Generator is guaranteed CARB Compliant. It is also EPA approved as it is manufactured with muffler for quiet and smooth operation (rated as 62 db). The product is indicated as eco-friendly machine because it comes with Smart Start owner?s manual and overload protection indicator. This Honeywell?s compact designed generator measures 22 by 20 by 11 inches and weighs a very light 58 pounds. That?s the reason why it makes it very useful for outdoor places because it?s easy to carry and move. There is no difficulty storing it too due to its versatile design.

Honeywell Portable Generator?

Features and Specifications



  • 2000 rated watts surge, 125cc 4-stroke cycle OHV engine (air cooled)
  • Operated by gas up to 1.5 gallon for 5 maximum running hours (50% load)
  • 120 V outlet
  • Portable generator pack with in-built small handle
  • Distributed with overload protection indicator (light), low oil shut down, container of oil fill, long pipe for oil drain, spark plug wrench, ?universal bit for screw driver and screw driver handle
  • Economy mode included for fuel efficiency and noise reduction
  • Works for TV, radio, refrigerator, microwave ovens, fans, computer, phones and other standard home and office electronics
  • CARB Compliant (50 US states approved); CSA Listed
  • EPA approved; 62 db within 7 meters
  • 2-year warranty included; With manual instruction


Customer Reviews and Ratings



Based on testimonies made by buyers and owners, the Honeywell HW2000i Portable Inverter Generator seems to have advantages and disadvantages. Almost all of the comments of people with experiences using this HW2000i generator were unanimous. This means they have similar cases in terms of what they liked the most and what they were disappointed about.

One example was from a customer who said his generator started after three tries of pulling the starter. Throughout the operation, it was consistent, clean, smooth and quiet. He didn?t have any difficulty carrying it to his boat because of the light weight. He started encountering issues when the cord was damaged. He said it?s quite normal to experience broken cord but for a premature damage then that would raise a question. Yet, he still admitted that it?s a generator useful for staying in a boat.

Another customer gave a long review regarding the Honeywell HW2000i. He explained the goodness and the disadvantages in details. One of the pros he shared was that it is CARB compliant, relatively not loud during operation and usable for several electronic devices.? The indications and efficiency settings were a plus too. The included funnel was also helpful but the oil to use is not included on the package. The size was not impressive for him because it was larger than what he expected. Although, it?s still smaller when compared to other 2000 watt gas powered generator. Pulling the cord of this unit was not also satisfying. His overall rating of the product was 2 out of 5.

On the contrary, a customer said it is not comparable to a Honda generator. It took him many times to start it during his first try. But since then it was easy to pull the starter and supplied power for some of his household items during outage of electricity.

Another owner claimed that this Honeywell Portable Generator was disappointing. His review was self-proclaimed as a warning to potential buyers. He said that the machine was loud, difficult to start and could leak oil. According to him, it would be gamble to shell out money for a not-so effective generator like this Honeywell?s HW2000i.?Click here to read more customer reviews?

In conclusion, the Honeywell HW2000i Portable Inverter Generator would not be a good purchase. The only thing that is obviously advantageous about this model is its small, lightweight design. It is definitely ideal and useful for a short use of power supply. For emergency cases like typhoons, hurricanes and overnight outdoor camping, this generator might not be that helpful. Plus, the cord could be one thing to deal with. If it is easy to be broken then you need to have extra cord. Again, it would require you to know how to replace it.

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