Hitachi EC12 Air Compressor Review

Hitachi EC12The engineers at Hitachi have made a habit of creating items that conform to the world famous Hitachi quality and durability. This is one product that is proof enough that the Hitachi name stands for reliable service Pneumatic tools that require a bit more power like nailers and staplers are no match to the Hitachi EC12 4-Gallon Air Compressor. If these items are handled well by the EC12, then others like sealant dispensers, blowguns and paint sprayers should not be any trouble for our star product. This product has been a regular in many jobsites. Professionals and home do-it-yourselfers trust that whenever needed, they can always call on the constant and able power that the Hitachi EC12 provides.? Owing its running time to a large tank, you are never left hanging in the middle of a project. For many, the convenience of electric power combined with a pump that?s lubricated by oil? virtually guarantees that things will keep running smoothly with the very least efforts to keep it maintained and running like clockwork.

This Hitachi Air Compressor runs on a 2-horsepower electric motor, 115-volt AC direct-drive. Recovery should not pose any problems because this one does it almost as quickly as a blink of an eye, so to speak. The fast recovery time assures that you won?t be sitting around and wasting precious time just waiting for the machine to get ready.? Right from the get go, this machine is machine is ready to be put right to work as soon as it gets out of the box.? It has a regulator gauge that readily reads out available air pressure together with a pressure switch and knob to control the flow of air. The compact, all-steel design not only assures you of durability but also of its rugged ability to go and perform in even the toughest of conditions.? Two hotdog type air tanks store enough compressed air to get 4 gallons ready for you to dispense and run your entire roster of pneumatic tools for long periods. The conveniently located oil dipstick and drain plug are strategically placed on the machine?s exterior for easy access.

Hitachi Air Compressor

Features and Specifications



Sturdy and built to last, the Hitachi EC12 stands attractive and well-proportioned. Aside from its vanity points, this little contraption performs exceedingly well and beyond expectations.? Proven long time popularity among professionals and DIYers stand as a testimony to its unbeatable service.


  • Starts light and easy with only 14 and a half amps pulled – safe and low enough amperage pulled from even standard household mains with doing any damage to mainline electrical connections and breakers
  • Hotdog type air chambers, both made of cast iron and oiled provide a total of 4-gallons of storage for generated compressed air
  • 90 PSI delivers 4.1 cfm
  • Resets automatically and has a shut-off valve at line.
  • Runs on synthetic oil SAE 5W50 ( 8oz included in package)
  • Weighs only 60 lbs and is made to be carried around easily with its handle placed strategically to balance the unit?s entire weight.


Customer Reviews and Ratings



Reviewers have commented several times over that Hitachi has proven the very high quality that the company is known for. This has been a very common remark and rightly so because the Hitachi EC12 Air Compressor has demonstrated many times over the reliance and constant and able generation for the required pneumatic power for the tools that need it.? One observation is that the handle?s is not really spot on so some tweaking with a torch might be in order to get it right.? Many say it weighs just right to be carried around but stays in place when placed on the bed of a truck with enough weight to keep it steady. Many also say that the gauges are not placed in a safe location on the machine. This is so because they keep getting knocked off, especially when the unit is operating.? This just a negative result of aggravation both for the user and the people within earshot of the machine?s operating noise.?Click here to read more customer reviews?

On the whole, the Hitachi EC12 provides the needed power generation to fire up tools that you need to work with. The noise, the weight and the little flaws that come along with the EC12 do not count for much because the bottom line is; this is the nearest thing to perfect that your money can buy. It?s but natural that not everyone can be pleased with a single? product but if counting naysayers says anything about a certain product, it will be safe to say that this Hitachi Air Compressor has very little of those.? What this product has a lot of are people who are willing to put down a good word for this machine, without any qualms at all.

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