Greenworks 26032 Snow Thrower Review

Greenworks 26032A useful alternative to a gas-powered snow blower is what the Greenworks 26032 20-Inch Electric Snow Thrower claims to be all about. It has a 12 amp motor that makes the snow blower provide a reliable performance when needed. It has the full ability to clear out snow with less effort and quick time. This blower for snow is designed with an adjustable chute, which can be set to a full 180 degrees. It allows a user to control where to throw snow. Any cleared snow can be thrown as far as 20 feet, which is the maximum distance. To add those features, this is an environment-friendly snow thrower because of zero carbon emissions.

This Greenworks Snow Thrower is made to be lightweight and in a compact design. That makes it easy to use and comfortable to move. There are also added two 6-inch tires with the right size to pass through thick snow. Handlebars are also made available for useful adjusting to meet the requirement of any height. Since this is electric, there is no need for a user to go through the hassle of mixing gas and oil. Nothing to worry about having a dead battery while in a middle of using it too. For added comfort and efficiency, the Greenworks 26032 has a cord lock that keeps an extension cord usable without tangles.

Greenworks Snow Thrower

Features and Specifications



  • Electric start ? No gas, oil or batteries needed
  • Clearing depth of 10 inches and width of 20 inches
  • 180-degree adjustable chute for direction control of throwing snow
  • Cord lock keeps extension cord in place and eliminates tangles
  • With adjustable rubber-grip handles for ease use at any height (3 positions)
  • Two 6-inch radial wheels included for easy mobility
  • Carbon emission-free; Ideal for residential use from driveways to sidewalks
  • Comes with a 4 year home warranty and an owner?s instructional manual


Customer Reviews and Ratings



The Greenworks 26032 Snow Thrower garnered an average rating of 4.3 out of 5 from hundreds of people who gave their reviews and comments. Most of them who gave 5 and 4 stars were satisfied and would recommend the use of this blower. Others did admit the same reliable performance but were too bold to address some issues too.

One of the customers who gave a 5 star rating said that one reason why he chose this snow blower was because of the 4-year warranty. He did not mind the performance or overall goodness of the product at all. Still, he made a decision to buy it. He was surprised, though, to see how powerful the machine was when he used it after a snow storm.

Another user said that he was impressed by how easy it was to move through snow. The Greenworks 26032 was indeed helpful for him. He didn?t have to put too much effort and time just to make sure the needed amount of snow was cleared out.

There?s one positive review too from a former buyer. His snow blower started easily. What he liked was that it didn?t make very loud noises. That made him felt confident enough to use it even during an early morning.

There weren?t many complaints about this Greenworks Snow Thrower. A negative comment from an owner who gave a 2-star rate was about some assembling the unit and parts. He did not like the fact that he needed to do a lot of work just to set up the entire machine. He had an expectation that it would take only a few minutes and less effort to put all parts together.

Last one to share with you is from a user who shared some useful details (exclusively for potential buyers, like you). He said that the blower was not self propelled and that must be given consideration. It would require anyone to push the machine to clear snow out. The weight would have something to do with the distance when throwing snow too. What he meant was that you wouldn?t be able to throw snow that much unlike what the product description says. He concluded that a 2-stage gas powered snow blower would be preferred rather than this electric snow thrower.?Click here to read more customer reviews?

In conclusion, the Greenworks 26032 would be a reliable machine. That is if you consider solely on the overall performance and price. It would to the job to clear snow in front of a house. It?s also a machine that can be useful with ease and convenience because you would eliminate having some neck and back problems. Remember it is designed with handle bars that can be adjusted and wheels for mobility.

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