Generac GP5500 Portable Generator Review

Generac GP5500The Generac GP5500 5,500 Watt Portable Generator is a handy generator powered by gas. It features a 5,500-watt power supply, 6,875 surge/starting watts and overhead valve (OHV) engine. This compact-size generator contains 7.2 gallon fuel tank made of steel. The 10-hour duration of using it becomes a useful producer of energy for emergency cases and other situations. Its portable power makes it practical for everyday use wherever you are inside the house or outside. You can go out camping in the woods or boat riding with this transportable designed generator.

What highlights the Generac GP5500 are the low oil shutdown, low tone mufflers, heavy duty steel tube cradle and circuit breaker protected outlets. The low oil shutdown is responsible in determining the levels of oil. Once it becomes low, this gives the user a warning to avoid damaging the engine. The low tone mufflers are reliable in terms of noise reduction. This Generac Portable Generator is manufactured with tube cradle made from real heavy duty steel. That provides additional strength for a long lasting use. On the other hand, the circuit breaker protected is designed to secure and safeguard the circuit from overloading. There is also additional circuit breaker protected outlets against environmental factors.

Generac Portable Generator

Features and Specifications



  • Gas operated generator with (389cc) OHV engine
  • 5,500-watt power supply and 6,875 surge watts
  • With low oil shutdown and low tone muffler
  • Covered outlets included for further protection and longer lifespan
  • Steel fuel tank that holds 7.2-gallon gas plus fuel gauge included to monitor the level or usage of fuel
  • Battery works for 10 hours minimum (50% load) with inbuilt meter tracks (in hours) for maintenance
  • Made of hardened, heavy-duty steel tube cradle
  • Comes with engine oil, oil funnel and manual instruction
  • Versatile design with 2 durable, rubber-made wheels and ergonomic locking, fold-down handle from each side attached with optional locks
  • Not CARB Compliant so it?s not for sale or use in the state of California


Customer Reviews and Ratings



There?s a mixed review regarding the use of the Generac GP5500 5,500 Watt Portable Generator. The average rating so far was 3.2 stars out of 5 stars. Almost 50% of the customers have more positive things to say about this generator. The other half thought it would only waste both time and money. It can be a debate until now depending on the experience of users. Some may say it?s a great, very practical and useful product. Others may not concur and tell the opposite. When you hear things like that, it can make you scratch your head and really think twice or maybe more than that.

According to customers who were not satisfied, it was not a reliable generator to use because of some technical issues. There were several people who were frustrated to use it again after a first-time leak problem. They figured out that it was not easy to fix. In fact, most of them said were not able to repair it and re-use it anymore. There was also no warranty included so it was not a good investment for them. Others made similar reviews saying it didn?t take long before they had to get a new and much better one than this Generac Portable Generator.

On the contrary, those users who said that this generator functionally worked had no problem assembling, starting and restoring it. It was helpful to them during emergency cases like power interruption. There were happy ones who shared that it would only require low maintenance. A few also told that they experienced zero leak problems. In addition, there?s no issue regarding the noise and portability. With its low tone mufflers, rubber wheels and fold-down handles, it was a practical generator to use for them. These were the similar comments and positive feedback of some users of the Generac GP5500.?Click here to read more customer reviews?

Overall, this Generac Portable Generator is reliable and useful to have when it is needed. It certainly provides energy during power interruption and outdoor use, without noise and overloading. The downside is that it can give you technical problems and leak issues which may cause you frustration. The experience you may have if you try using this probably depends on luck. You have either a good or bad investment using it. You are probably scouting for a good generator that is very portable and worth every dime. You read what the Generac GP5500 is all about and what customers have to say. It is your call to consider adding it to your product checklist and buying it or just ignore it.

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