GE GSC3500RWW Portable Dishwasher Review

GE GSC3500RWWThe GE GSC3500RWW Portable Dishwasher is one of the finest portable dishwasher brands/models on the market today. As a GE product, users can guarantee that it is built to last and it is of superb quality. GE is one name that still stands out when it comes to home and kitchen appliances. Not only is it loved because it belongs to the GE brand, it is also sought after by a number of homeowners because of its great features.

This GE portable dishwasher features a dual water filtration system that ensures the cleanest possible results. It also comes with a deluxe silverware white basket for all your precious silverware.

This portable dishwasher from GE has a white finish so it can easily blend with your other kitchen appliances. It is easy to mix and match it regardless of the theme you have for your kitchen.

At 135 lbs., the GE GSC3500RWW Portable Dishwasher is still easy to move around.

GE Portable Dishwasher

Features and Specifications



  • Dual water filtration system that ensures the cleanest possible results.
  • Features a deluxe silverware white basket for all your precious silverware.
  • White finish to easily blend with your other kitchen appliances.
  • Weighs only 135 lbs. so it is easy to move as well as carry around.


Customer Reviews and Ratings



Browsing through all the customer reviews for the GE GSC3500RWW, this portable dishwasher seem to be well loved by users. It has a lot of good comments, feedback and reviews. Its star ratings range from average 4.0 stars to perfect 5.0 stars. This only means that a growing number of homeowners are favoring it over others on the market.

According to most users, this is a good basic dishwasher. It is usually the preferred replacement for their old models. Aside from being very pleased with it, they love its standard racks, bottom spray arm for its lower rack and its tower spray for its upper rack. Almost all users mentioned that it washes well, especially when a good detergent is used. It also has all the cycles users may need for their washing tasks. Some of the cycles are: Normal, Light as well as Pots and Pans.

This GE portable dishwasher is also loved by users because of its Hot Start option with does some of the extra fills for preheating wash water for its main cycles. It also has a rinse only feature which is specifically for partial loads. Water usage is also maximized. For normal cycles, only 7 gallons of water is used.

Users also find the standard racks very convenient. When it comes to drying using the standard drying setting, one user think its mediocre as it may be necessary to prop the door open to let it dry overnight. It also operates smoothly & quietly which is a BIG PLUS for almost all users.

There isn?t much down sides given by reviewers for this GE portable dishwasher. If there were, they?re minor flaws or a result of factory defects which can be resolved once GE Customer Service replaces them.?Click here to read more customer reviews?

Overall, this GE portable dishwasher is really something. It is no wonder users have been giving it really high star ratings. With the very high 4.2 star rating for average customer reviews and the cheap price, you?ll never go wrong with this portable dishwasher from GE. It is truly a name you can trust. The good reviews, comments and feedbacks are enough to prove that the GE GSC3500RWW is indeed a worthwhile investment to pursue.

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