GE ADER65LP Dehumidifier Review

GE ADER65LNThe GE ADER65LP Dehumidifier can suck in up to 65 pints of water vapor in a day, keeping a small to medium sized room in the perfect humidity level that you are most comfortable with. It uses the R-410A as its refrigerant, which is a solution that will not contribute to ozone depletion, unlike other refrigerants.

Its electronic controls are direct to the point and clear-cut, and are very easy to operate and control. Its soft touch control panel gives delay options of 2 hours and 4 hours, and lets you choose between high, medium and low fan speeds. The humidity level is clearly shown on the indicator found on the top middle area of the unit, clearly seen and easily operable by merely pressing up or down to adjust the humidity level. It has light indicators that alert you when the unit is set to continuous mode, when the bucket is full, and when it is time to clean the filter out.

It works at low temperatures, which makes it energy and cost efficient. Its bucket is also conveniently attached in front to make it easier to empty out and clean up, and has a water level indicator that shows you when it is nearly time to take the water out. It also comes with an auto shut off feature, helping you save on energy and costs. You also have the option to drain the water externally, which would also mean continuous operation, a feature that can be very useful in the rainy season.


This GE Dehumidifier has an automatic defrost control, which lets you eliminate any ice build up, therefore maintaining it to last longer. It also uses a washable water filter that keeps the air circulating around the unit fresh and clean smelling. Its noise is also kept at a minimum, making it easier to use around the living area and not just in basements. Also, since this is one of the larger units, it actually saves more energy because of the speed at which it collects water vapor from the air.

GE Dehumidifier

Features and Specifications



  • Uses ozone-friendly R410A as a refrigerant
  • Delay options of 2 or 4 hours
  • High, medium and low fan speeds
  • Light indicator that alerts you when the bucket is full, and when it is tie to clean the filter
  • Automatic defrost
  • Auto shut off feature


Customer Reviews and Ratings



Consumers love the way that the GE ADER65LP Dehumidifier works for their homes. People whose basements have not been cleaned out for a long time suddenly find the room cleaner and fresher smelling in a day or two, with the humidity being at just the right levels that have been preset. Users also love the fact that it automatically shuts itself off when it reaches the humidity level desired, which means that there is no need to keep checking on it every so often.

Some users have tried measuring the humidity using a different humidistat to see if it matches the expected results, but have seen that the results are about 5 percent off. It has been noted by Consumer Reports however, that this is normal and actually happens across different models and different brands as well.

Some also say that the noise level is a little bit more than what was promised, although it is understandable for a unit that takes in as much water vapor in such a small amount of time to exert a little more effort, and therefore be a little bit noisier than smaller capacity models.?Click here to read more customer reviews?

This GE Dehumidifier still is a durable dehumidifier though, especially if you want to stick to the brand?s reputation and track record. Although this can be a workable dehumidifier for your home, you can check on other dehumidifiers in the market especially if you want a quiet one that you can use in living areas. For the basement, garage or other areas where noise will not really be an issue though, this is still a good buy.

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