Frigidaire FMP330RGS Portable Dishwasher Review

Fridgidaire FMP330RGSThe Frigidaire FMP330RGS Portable Dishwasher is definitely one of the brands/models of portable dishwashers you can trust today. It seems that a growing number of homeowners are finding it very convenient, innovative and reliable for their home.

This Fridgidaire portable dishwasher comes with 5 cycle washes. This means, users can guarantee very clean washing results. It is also tall at 18 inches so it can accommodate different sizes of dishes as well as pots and pans.

This portable dishwasher from Fridgidaire features an elegant white finish. It can match whatever appliance, theme or design you have for your kitchen. It is also so compact it can snugly fit anywhere! You can take it anywhere too since it only weighs 139 lbs.

Fridgidaire Portable Dishwasher

Features and Specifications



  • Comes with 5 cycle washes for very clean washing results.
  • Tall at 18 inches to accommodate different sizes of dishes as well as pots and pans.
  • Elegant white finish to match whatever appliance, theme or design you have for your kitchen.
  • So compact it can snugly fit anywhere!
  • With its 139 lbs. weight, users can take it anywhere too.


Customer Reviews and Ratings



Looking at all the customer reviews for the Frigidaire FMP330RGS Portable Dishwasher, this Fridgidaire portable dishwasher is making a lot of homeowners very happy. Comments and feedback given by users include being a wonderful dishwasher; exceeding expectations; and doing a great job cleaning different kinds of dishes as well as pots and pans.

According to users, they?ve had this Fridgidaire portable dishwasher for months to years and they love the way it cleans their dishes. They don?t see any food particles left. They also appreciate the fact that it can hold a lot of dishes as well as small pots. It also has a very handy cup rack where users can place measuring cups as well as other small items on. They also appreciate the fact that the unit can hold into place plus only a small amount of space is necessary. Almost all users have mentioned that it operates smoothly and quietly.?Click here to read more customer reviews?

Though most reviews are very positive and optimistic, there was one user who noted down sides to its use. According to her, she has owned this Fridgidaire dishwasher for two years now. She bought it as a replacement for her Kenmore dishwasher. The problems she encountered with it are:


  • It can?t get the dishes as clean as her old unit. Detergent powder can still fossilize and remain in the dispensers.
  • The white laminate on top measures about 1.5 microns thick but it can chip. There is also some swelling on the substrate top due to frequent exposure to heat or escaping steam.
  • It may take a bit of finesse to operate the top rack. She feels it may collapse when she pushes it into the unit.
  • Her unit?s discharge hose broke off from the faucet connector just as her warranty expired.
  • The hoses can?t be pushed back into the dark void of the interior of the machine. She had to fight it every inch of the way every time.


Overall, the Fridgidaire portable dishwasher may have its PROS and CONS but the PROS still outweigh the CONS. Amidst all the flaws one user mentioned, most users love their unit and really appreciate it. They?re also happy they made the choice to buy this over other brands/models on the market. Having average 3.4 stars to perfect 5.0 star ratings from reviewers, this may still be a good option to pursue. Being low priced, there?s a strong chance you?ll never go wrong with this investment. It may just be what you need for cleaning the dishes, pots and pans at home. It is especially good to have if you only have a small kitchen space.

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