Flotec FP0S3200A Sump Pump Review

Flotec FP0S3200AThe Flotec FP0S3200A Sump Pump is an automatic, submersible type of sump pump. It is labeled as a reliable and protective device against flood in the basement or other rooms of a house and an office. The tethered on and off switch on the control panel allows the unit to float and collect water. There is also an option to use it manually but only for a small amount of water since the handle is quite small. You may not feel comfortable doing a manual pumping of water in your basement. To save time and effort, rely on the automatic switch of this model of Flotec?s sump pump.

In terms of operation and performance, this Flotec Sump Pump is designed with 115V motor with 1/2 engine horsepower. It pumps water to a maximum capacity of 3630 GPH to 2700 GPH (10 feet). Durability is established through its abrasion and corrosion resistant technology. Whether by manual or automatic, this FP0S3200A model is usable for any size of sump pit as small and narrow as 14-inch diameter. It also highlights its capacity to work discreetly and smoothly. With its compact dimension of 8 inches wide and 4 inches high, this sump pump is easy to use, hold, carry and store. Manufactured with rugged plastic pump and power housing, 8-ft power cord, 1 to ?-inch or 1 to ?-inch discharge pipe, it can be a reliable product to consider.

Flotec Sump Pump

Features and Specifications



  • 115V engine motor; 1/2-horspower (3630 GPH maximum capacity to 2700 GPH at 10 feet lift)
  • AMP draw is 5.5 amps; 115V, 60 Hz
  • Automatic or manual mode
  • Submersible, corrosion and abrasion resistant pump
  • Float switch included at 14-inches (on) and 6-inches (off)
  • Packed with 8-foot power cord, plastic housing, and a discharge pipe (1 to 1/2 inch or 1/4 inch)
  • Weighs 9.5 pounds, measures 6-inch long, 8-inch wide and 4-inch high
  • Usable in 14-inch diameter sump basin or a much larger sump pit


Customer Reviews and Ratings



Out of 5 stars, the Flotec FP0S3200A Sump Pump gets a high 4.8 rating as its average score from customers. What this means is that many buyers who eventually became owners were satisfied using the pump. They had zero or little problem with its technical operation and general performance.

One owner gave his personal comment about this Flotec Sump Pump. He compared it with Zoeller?s M53. When his M53 sump pump had float switch damage, he realized that the Flotec FP0S3200A had a better switch. He didn?t have to replace it, not even once until now. For him, it was an excellent and effective sump pump in terms of performance and reliability.

Another anonymous buyer had shared the goodness of this sump pump. This time it?s about the installation and rapidness of using the unit. He had a little bit issue assembling it but still not a difficult one to install compared with others. What impressed him the most was that he?s able to collect water from his basement?s sump pit in just seconds!

This next testimony had a more positive comment. He claimed that the sump pump is a very reliable and durable product. It?s a good investment for him because he?s still using it for more than 10 years! His location is usually prone to bad weather (in that regard, rain) so he?d use it several times. Yet, his point was noted that it?s very useful whenever he needed it. He also admitted of having not a single technical problem or replacement issue with the major parts of the unit. He only had to get new batteries to guarantee good performance.

There?s one who made a contrary statement concerning the lifespan of the Flotec FP0S3200A. He said that it?s an inexpensive, lightweight and really excellent sump pump but wouldn?t last long. However, he still strongly recommended it for anyone. The question now is how would you personally think of this submersible sump pump??Click here to read more customer reviews?

From these testimonies, the verdict of this Flotec Sump Pump would be a great purchase. You are probably one of those few potential buyers who?d like to consider this particular model of sump pump by Flotec when you need to buy one. To help you out, try having other models of Flotec and even from other brands to make comparison. That way you are able to distinguish how really useful the Flotec FP0S3200A is. Do not just stick with one or two choices but as many as you can. It is not also practical to just focus on the great features. You also have to ask some ?what ifs? of the product. You won?t figure out if the specs and features of this pump are absolutely good or excellent if you don?t compare it.

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