Early Warning Radar Detector Review

Early Warning SafetyEarly Warning gives you the latest in high tech auto technology with the Early Warning EW-3005 radar and laser detector with safety alert. It features a pulse radar detection that warns you of K and Ka band signals, and also alerts you of the presence of road hazards, emergency vehicles, railroad crossings, and other similar causes for alert. It is undetectable by VG-2, and also provides complete protection against Spectre I radar guns. Each band has a digital beeping alert that serves as its distinctive alarm, with its intensity easily distinguished through decreased or increased frequencies. This makes it easy to figure out where the threats are coming from without having to look at a monitor or display when your eyes should be on the road. It has a high resolution color LED screen that displays visual alerts with 11 different varieties, and has a 3 step signal strength meter. It gives you the option between City Mode or Highway Mode, which lets you adjust sensitivity and minimize false alerts. This Early Warning Radar Detector detects lasers from any direction with its 360 degree laser eye, and even has a tutorial mode that helps you understand each of the 3 radars and the 4 laser signal detections.

Early Warning Radar Detector

Features and Specifications



  • Affordable high tech auto technology
  • Pulse radar detection that detects brief transmission of K and Ka band signals
  • Safety alert warning system warns you about road hazards, emergency vehicles, railroad crossings, and more
  • Undetectable by VG-2
  • Features complete protection against Spectre I radar guns
  • Digital beeping alert gives a distinct sound for each band, with its intensity indicated through increased or decreased frequencies
  • High resolution color LED screen gives visual alerts with 11 different varieties and a 3-step signal strength meter
  • City and Highway mode lets you adjust sensitivity and minimize false alerts
  • Detects lasers from every direction with its 360 degree laser eye
  • Tutorial mode demonstrates 3 radars and 4 laser signal detections


Customer Reviews and Ratings?



If you want a basic detector without any of the extra stuff, then the Early Warning Radar Detector is for you. It does exactly what a radar detector is supposed to do, but without the fancy features and add-ons. This would of course be acceptable and expected considering the cheap price at which it goes for.

However, it may get annoying having to deal with false alarms after some time, no matter how much you justify the cheap price at which you purchased the unit. This can be very distracting, and can eventually get tiring if you keep watching out for nothing. It also has a considerably smaller range compared to other radar detectors, which means that you would always have to be alert in case you need to suddenly adjust your speed. This basically defeats the purpose of having an early warning device, especially if it does not give you enough time to do anything about the threats it will be warning you about. Because of this point, it will eventually make you think that just maybe, it would be better to spend a little extra on a radar detector instead of settling for something like this. It will eventually show you the inconvenience of having to double your alertness in case it gives out a signal without giving you ample time to adapt to the threat.?Click here to read more customer reviews?

Owning a radar detector means putting your mind at peace and helping you have a more relaxed driving experience, which based on what we see here, would have to cost money. So forget about getting the basic cheap radar detector, and saving up on money to purchase it. If you want real protection and ample warning, try getting something that may be a little bit more expensive, but with enough justification. You could try to consider the Escort Passport 9500ix Radar Detector or the Cobra XRS 9970G Radar Detector, two radar detectors that may be a lot pricier than this Early Warning Radar Detector, but with each penny more than worth it.

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