DuroMax XP4400E Portable Generator Review

DuroMax XP4400EThe?DuroMax XP4400E 4,400 Watt?Portable Generator?comes with easy, recoil?electric start. It features a 7- horsepower air cooled OHV engine of 4400 surge watts and 3500 running power watts. With two 129 volt, standard 20 amp household outlets, any appliances and electronic device are usable when power supply is needed. It also works for 120 or 240 volts, 30 amp locking outlet for all highly powered devices. In addition, this portable generator from DuroMax is created with very durable steel frame cage roll and 4 point isolated motor mounts to reduce noise and operate smoothly. The dual 15 amp circuit breaker is a plus too because it prevents overloading.

Packed with pneumatic solid filled knobby tires and flip-up handle bar, this?DuroMax Generator?is useful in all areas from the house to outdoors. This is useful in case of emergencies and activities outside home. You can rely on its volt meter (advanced automatic voltage regulator system), low oil shutoff system and battery indicator with light. Due to its reliable muffler of a 69 db maximum noise level, the product has earned the EPA approval needed for smooth performance. This feature and its exhaust with spark arrestor will be useful for private and public places. Moreover, the machine is usable for 8 hours maximum at 1/2 or 50% load. There?s nothing to worry about fuel consumption as it is built with 4 gallon tank.

DuroMax Portable Generator

Features and Specifications



  • 7.0 horsepower OHV engine; 4400 watt surge and 3500 continuous watt
  • Gas powered up to 4 gallons (8 hours maximum at 50% load); Optional battery use (battery included upon purchase)
  • Electric starter and recoil starter
  • Works for 120V, 20 amp outlet and 120 to 240V, 30 amp twist lock outlet
  • Designed with automatic low oil shut down system, volt meter and battery indicator with light for warning
  • Equipped with dual 15 amp circuit breaker
  • EPA approved (69 db) through built-in muffler and exhaust that comes with spark arrestor
  • Non-CARB compliant (not for use or sale in California)
  • Packed with portable generator, wheel kit, tool kit and owner?s manual


Customer Reviews and Ratings



According to customers who have bought this?DuroMax XP4400E Portable Generator?is worth every penny regardless of the amount of money difference between other brands. Majority of the buyers were satisfied with its usefulness and performance. Those people thought of having this kind of generator because they could afford it and features seemed reliable. From their personal experiences, it was a suitable backup portable generator in case of emergency.

One buyer said that this DuroMax Generator?still worked after some months of using. Its strong built motor engine was proven useful for him. It?s still like a newly bought product because of the non-stop and continuous reliable performance. He had never regretted buying this portable generator.

From the price to the overall condition, this moveable generator was a good choice for another buyer. It pleased him in a way that it was easy to install and began running without any hassle. It was also quiet during operation.

This next owner said that the unit he ordered was damaged slightly when it was arrived to his doorstep. Yet, he was able to fix it and used the machine without problems since then. He had nothing to say against the performance or durability of components but the packaging. The packaging of this DuroMax XP4400E might need improvement and more security.

Another individual shared that it was a good product he used so far. No issue when it was delivered until the starting of the motor engine. What he observed was that the battery charger button got stuck when it?s turned on. He wanted to have it repaired but the warranty included was only coverage for part replacement. He had no choice but to call a technician for its repair but it was not that expensive at all.

A few people came up with a negative review. They had similarities when it comes to the packaging and warranty or service needed. Apart from those, the DuroMax XP4400E Generator?was useful to most of them.?Click here to read more customer reviews?

To wrap it all up, this DuroMax Generator would be a good buy. It is not difficult to assemble, start and not noisy during operation, so usefulness is a big plus. It would be a reliable product at anytime of the day or night. Other features were suitable in many instances. The only thing to deal with is the replacements or repair of parts once they are broken or damaged. You would have to shell out some money despite its reasonable price tag.

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