Danby DDR7009REE Dehumidifier Review

Danby DDR7009REEThe Danby DDR7009REE Dehumidifier, as its tag line states, saves you money while saving the environment. This statement can actually prove to be true as part of Danby?s wide range of quality products that are geared towards giving quality performance at great prices, and with minimal environmental impact.

This Danby Dehumidifier is a 70-pint dehumidifier that covers approximately 3,800 square feet, which is a small to medium sized room. It has easy to use electronic controls and a remote that helps you adjust its settings accordingly as you go about whatever you?re doing. Its programmable humidity settings help you set the humidity at levels that would be most comfortable for you and your family, and can be easily done without the usual long and complicated processes.

To help maintain the unit and make it last longer, the Danby DDR7009REE has an auto de-icer that helps you prevent ice build-up on coils, which does not only help you preserve the coils, but also saves you the trouble of having to clean it up all the time. It has a direct drain feature that lets you use it continuously without having to check on it all the time. Its digital keypad makes controlling it easier to do, and its LED display makes it easier to view the options and program the unit accordingly. It also has an auto restart feature that automatically gets it up and running again after a power outage.

This Danby Dehumidifier?continues to operate until the temperature reaches 5 degrees with its Low Temperature Feature, and it has a two-speed fan that helps you circulate the air to keep it fresher. It uses a non-ozone depleting refrigerant that lets you enjoy the dehumidifier?s function without having too much negative impact on the environment, and it is also Energy Star certified, which means that you have minimal energy consumption, saving you money in the long run.

Danby Dehumidifier

Features and Specifications



  • 70-pint capacity that can cover a small to medium sized room
  • Easy to use electronic controls and a remote
  • Programmable humidity settings
  • Auto de-icer that helps you prevent ice build-up on coils
  • Direct drain feature
  • Digital keypad and LED display
  • Auto restart feature
  • Uses R410a, and ozone-friendly refrigerant
  • Energy Star certified


Customer Reviews and Ratings



As far as those who have tried using the Danby DDR7009REE Dehumidifier are concerned, the unit is well thought out, is extremely well-designed, and works perfectly for any part of your home. It is fairly quiet compared to other dehumidifiers in the market, and is also very portable with its lightweight design. Since it lets you choose between collecting the water in its tank, or attaching some hose on it that leads directly to the drain, you can use it anywhere, and gives you options on what is going to work better for you. And since it is a larger unit, it actually saves you even more energy because it collects moisture faster than other smaller units, and therefore turns off in no time as well. This is especially perfect for basements in areas where it rains a lot, taking out a huge amount of water vapor in such a small amount of time.?Click here to read more customer reviews?

One great improvement that could be made is for the unit to have the ability to remember your preferred settings in case of a power outage. Some users have experienced having a power outage with the product running, and found out that the settings go back to default after a power failure. It would be inconvenient to have to program it right back to your preferred settings, especially if you experience a number of outages over a period of time. Therefore, this would not be recommended for areas that often experience power failures due to storms and other reasons, but would be an okay deal if this does not happen in your area that often.

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