Cobra XRS 9970G Radar Detector Review

Cobra XRS 9970GThe Cobra XRS 9970G Radar Detector in its entirety was designed considering your protection and peace of mind. It uses Super Extreme Range Superheterodyne technology, with its ability to detect all 15 radar / laser bands using its super lock on detection circuitry. It gives extra detection range and the best possible advance warning to even the best POP mode radar guns, and comes with a GPS locator that makes its radar more accurate. It includes lifetime updates to the AURA database, making sure that all the alerts you receive on speed and red light camera locations, dangerous intersections, and reported speed trap locations in both the United States and Canada are up to date and precise. This Cobra Radar Detector also has Cobra?s exclusive touch screen design with a full color Extreme Bright Data Grafix display that ensures clear viewing, plus an 8-point electronic compass, voice alert, car battery voltage display and low car battery warning, plus a lot more features and functions that ensure a safe and ticket free trip to anywhere in North America.

Cobra Radar Detector

Features and Specifications



  • A bundle of the XRS 9965 detector unit and GPS locator that includes a lifetime subscription to AURA database
  • 1.5-inch full color touch screen display
  • Detects all 15 radar and laser bands with super fast lock on detection circuitry
  • 8-point electronic compass, car battery voltage display, low car battery warning
  • Complete immunity to VG2 and alerts for Spectre I/IV radar detector detectors
  • One year limited warranty
  • Patented POP Mode detection
  • Digital signal strength meter
  • Dim Mode: to enhance night driving visibility
  • Auto mute
  • Intelliview shows radar and laser alerts simultaneously with GPS locator based alerts
  • Voice alert warns driver of detected signals using a specific voice announcement
  • Intelliscope gives information on the direction of location based alerts relative to your moving vehicle using GPS
  • Intellishield with a 3-level city mode that gives the best false signal rejection in both urban and rural areas
  • Safety alert warns drivers of approaching emergency vehicles, railroad crossings, and road hazard locations using Cobra?s safety alert transmitters
  • Strobe alert gives advance warning of approaching emergency vehicles
  • Smart power automatically turns the unit off when the ignition is also turned off
  • Intellimute Pro makes it undetectable by radar detector detectors
  • Digital speedometer shows you accurate speed using GPS
  • 8-point GPS compass gives accurate, 8-point directional reading using GPS
  • Stay Set electronic memory remembers radar detector settings for a period of time even without power
  • Easy Set programming menu gives user friendly mode selection with visual guidance
  • Latitude and longitude information
  • Programmable up to 1,000 location alerts
  • Package includes mini USB to USB type A adapter cable (for database updates), coiled 12-volt DC power cord, windshield suction mounting bracket, and instruction manual


Customer Reviews and Ratings



Users of the Cobra XRS 9970G Radar Detector find it to be very accurate, and it gives ample time for you to adjust your speed with its advanced warning system. The touch screen display is so convenient to use, letting you view and change settings without too much hassle as you are driving. With the AURA database being updated every 12 hours, you would definitely see how accurate and precise it is, alerting you to different signals way ahead of time.?Click here to read more customer reviews?

It could have been designed more wisely though, as you could never find a suitable way to mount it using only what comes with the package. The suction cups do not hold well, which means that you would have to find another way to secure it. Putting it on the windshield makes it a little hard to reach, which can be a problem while you are driving. You other option would be putting it on the dash, but the way its bottom surface is shaped makes it very unstable in this position. Once you find a way to secure it on your dash though, this Cobra Radar Detector still remains to be one of the best radar detectors in the market.

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