Champion 46515 Portable Generator Review

Champion 46515Introducing a196cc 4-stroke OHV engine in cast iron sleeve, the Champion 46515 4,000 Watt Portable Generator is a useful machine during power outage. It is operated by gas that can run up to 12 hours at 1/2 load. It features 4000 watt surge and 3500 running watts. It is pluggable by most standard kitchen appliances and other electronic devices as long as they?re compatible with 120 volt outlet (one), 120 volt twist lock (one) and RV receptacle (one). Additionally, this Champion Portable Generator is labeled as Non-CARB compliant. It means that anyone can use this generator as long as he is not a resident of California, because that state requires CARB compliant appliances. Both from home to a small spaced office and even in outdoor places, this generator would be a helpful device to use in supplying power.

This Champion 4,000 Watt Generator weighs around 100 pounds only. It is designed in a compact design with its 24.2 by 18.3 by 18.3 inches (LWH). This machine is easy to use anywhere with just one pull on its steel cage frame. However, it is not recommended for children or anyone whose weight is less than 100 pounds and height is less than 4 feet to carry it. Furthermore, this machine includes push-to-reset circuit breakers to avoid overloading, recoil start for manual startup and low oil shut off system for low oil level warning.

Champion Portable Generator

Features and Specifications



  • Manufactured with 196cc OHV 4-stroke gas powered engine in a cast iron sleeve
  • Usable up to 4000 surge watts or 3500 running watts
  • Outlets included are one 120V 20 amp (5-20R), one 120V twist locking (L5-30R), and one 30amp RV receptacle (TT-30R)
  • Designed with fuel tank at half load (50%) which runs until non-stop 12 hours
  • Package includes 4-stroke air cooled engine with recoil starter, low oil shut off system, push-to-reset circuit breakers
  • Measures 24.2×18.3×18.3 inches; Weighs 106 pounds
  • EPA approved but Non-CARB Compliant
  • Covered with a 2-year limited warranty and a technical support free for a lifetime


Customer Reviews and Ratings



There were numerous customers who voiced out their own evaluation upon their first try and multiple uses of the Champion 46515 4,000 Watt Portable Generator. It?s a product of Champion that received tons of mixed reviews. The good news is that most people rated as high as 3.5, 4 and even perfect 5. Of course, there were owners who were bold enough to address complaints. Either good or bad, reviews from customers who have experiences would be helpful in determine if the Champion 46515 4,000 Watt Portable Generator would be a great buy.

A satisfied owner of this Champion Portable Generator said he received the product without scratches. He immediately used it when he needed backup of power. It greatly ran for 10 hours long with 5-hour interval of oil change. He had no problem regarding changing oils because it was easy. He only warned future customers to check the fuel tank as the product is delivered with small level of oil. Overall, he thought it was a good generator.

Another pleased customer of this particular generator shared that the manual instructions were helpful for beginners like him. It took him a few minutes to assemble and start it. The whole machine worked quietly and smoothly while most of his appliances were plugged on to the AC outlet.

One more customer testified how functional and surprising the product is, especially the price. He bought it for camping and it provided all the energy he needed while away from home. It was not loud too.

There was also a proud owner whose Champion 46515 Portable Generator had been usable for a year until now. He shared that he would start it once in a month even for just short, quick minutes to keep it useful. Everytime he would use it was hassle free in starting it.

Like those other customers, one man said that the generator was reliable. From the capacity to performance and quietness to cost, it was a good product so far.

Despite the many positive reviews, there were a few people who revealed some unsatisfied reactions. One example of a bad review given was from a female customer. She said she bought this 46515 generator for emergency case uses. On the delivery, her unit had some parts broken. She was not able to use the warranty covered by Champion because the store where she ordered it refused to give free replacements.?Click here to read more customer reviews?

Overall, this Champion Portable Generator would be a great purchase. If you are looking for a generator with mobility, the 46515 model is helpful for home and outdoor use. It is also a useful machine for both regular days and emergency situations.

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