Campbell Hausfeld FP2028 Air Compressor Review

Campbell Hausfeld FP2028This little baby packs a whole lot of punch! It is pretty well made and is surprisingly powerful considering its size. The tiny little thing delivers up to 100 psi, maximum power. This is strong enough to inflate car and bike tires, cleaning upholstery, cleaning your workbench and equipment, inflating sports balls, airbrushing and many other odd, small jobs that need just the right air power to get done.? As soon as it arrives, you?ll be ready enough to use it because it comes with a 5-piece attachment kit and hose; you?ll be ready to get started in no time at all.

Air tools like those used to fasten (brad nailers, etc) that are easier and more convenient to use especially for jobs around the house and many other inflation tools are no challenge for this Campbell Hausfeld Air Compressor.? It is a known fact that air tools have a far longer lifespan than electrically powered tools.? They also save you time and money with faster start ups. The Campbell Hausfeld FP2028 1 Gallon Air Compressor affords you even faster starting because of its small capsule that inflates quickly.

Made with conscious attention to size, operating convenience and cost affectivity, the Campbell Hausefeld FP2028 lives up to the expectations that Campbell Hausfeld had for it.? It is the user who benefits most from all the bells and whistles it features.? A pressure gauge, located on its body, gives you accurate and fast reference of its capacity.? The tank not only holds the necessary air capacity of the compressor but also allows for the elimination of the pulsing caused that the pistons cause.? Its petite size allows for really easy portability in and around a jobsite – easy to stow away too! Reliable – job after job after job!

Campbell Air Compressor

Features and Specifications



  • Designed for ease of use
  • Packs 100 psi maximum power
  • Tank quiets down the pulsations caused by piston action
  • Comes with incredible accessory kit to get you started immediately?


Customer Reviews and Ratings



Checking out the comments for the Campbell Hausfeld FP2028 Air Compressor is fun!? It will amuse you no end to read how users were amazed at the power and the efficiency of the little monster.? As long as it is used for what it?s rated for, the excess.??? There are a total of 71 comments and ratings.

Based on the ratings, this Campbell Hausfeld air compressor pretty much holds its own compared to other compressors of the same capacity. The fact that many of the users were not disappointed with it says a lot about the product.? The observations made by actual users clearly demonstrate that there are more who favor the unit than those who did not care much for it. The considerable number of people who have actually bought and used the product expressed a majority of good reviews. Many of which come across as the users actually enjoying the use of the Campbell Hausfeld FP 2028 because of the ?surprise? factor.? The sudden wonder that the little package delivered struck at the heartstrings of those who were not really bent on finding extreme satisfaction in something that they purchased online. Of those who wrote in with mediocre or negative comments, almost all have mentioned the noise that something so small can create.? It is understood though that different people have different thresholds for noise, assumptions can be made that either these people?s reviews were based either on their very shallow threshold for noise or a very high expectation of how silent the FP2060 is while operating. Many have probably over-estimated the older comments saying that it operated within comfortable hearing limits. Again – here is proof that not everyone is created equal!?Click here to read more customer reviews?

When finally making a decision on the kind of product that you WILL purchase, one wise advice that everyone should take is to take a good look at the exact product up close and in person. Test its operation; listen to it, asks the sales person to demonstrate its uses for you to familiarize yourself with all its features.? If in the end of the demo, you still prefer your choice, then, by all means, go ahead and make the purchase – either at the store or online, from your choice of website. That way, you will have the least possible surprises when you finally get your very own unit.

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