Briggs & Stratton 20358 Pressure Washer Review

Briggs & Stratton 20358An informal partnership in 1908 brought about the beginnings of the Briggs and Stratton Company that is known today. Stephen F. Briggs was a prolific inventor while Harold M. Stratton was an aggressive investor. The pair worked very hard at building the company and has since? made a name for the machinery that bore their names. Today, the Briggs and Stratton company is synonymous to the very high quality big and small machines that are churned out of their headquarters in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. In 1920, the company started creating? generators that were used for so many purposes by the military, in agriculture, marine and many more 1953 ushered in a new era for Briggs and Stratton which has been one of the American companies leading the forefront of making revolutionary machines that made life easier for the whole world.

The Briggs & Stratton 20358 1800 PSI Electric Pressure Washer, being powered electrically, is not a high level washer that can be used for? heavy washing jobs.?? Home use, simple vehicle cleaning and other light to moderate projects needing a power washer are very well tolerated.?? The machine boasts of a long life? 1800 PSI engine because of its induction engine, built better? than Universal motors. It has an axial? 1.6 gallon per minute capacity pump which is commonly found in gas models but is more reliable than the wobble type options. It comes equipped with a 30 foot flexible hose and a convenient reel? that makes storage and maintenance of the hose itself very easy. It also prevents the regular kinks in the hose that occur with hoses that are not rolled properly when stored. The spray head allows you to adjust the spray width from 0? to 40? to adapt to different needs for different projects.? It s spray wand is also equipped with Briggs? Bayonet? connector.? You may also shift to low pressure for soap application. A unique feature of the 20358 is the RotoScrub? that uses? turbo action to get rid of grime? that has seeped into nooks and crannies.? 2 tanks for soap? dispensing system allow for a variable strength – a knob allows the user to choose the concentration of the soap.?? Using this Briggs and Stratton Pressure Washer actually saves you? up to? 80%? water consumption than when using an ordinary garden hose.

Briggs and Stratton Pressure Washer

Features and Specifications



  • Motor Type: Induction
  • Motor Voltage: 120 volts single phase / 13 amps
  • Power Cord Length: 25 ft GFCI
  • Frame Type: ?2-wheel cart
  • Detergent Tank Capacity: 4.2
  • Pump Type: Axial Cam
  • Chemical Injection: Dual Detergent Tank


Unit includes an adjustable residential grade spray gun with a Bayonet? connection that features a Turbo nozzle.


Customer Reviews and Ratings



Aside from the professional reviews by Bill Mikenis,? product expert at Pressure Washers Direct, a division of Power Equipment Direct. It is an? online dealer of? quality power tools and equipment? with a physical store and showroom located in? Bolingbrook, Illinois,? 35 miles south of Chicago.? Mikenis recommends this as a ?Better Choice?? for an electric pressure washer. In a database of 66 reviews by the store,?? the product rated 4.1 stars. Mikenis observes that the? reliable induction motor that comes paired with a? sturdy axial pump is made more ideal with the sleek and stable frame that is both easy to store and transport. A hose reel prevents the hose from getting lost or mangled. And with the addition of a? soap system so unique with its industrial strength capacity, this Briggs and Stratton Pressure Washer pretty much proves for itself why their store rated it a ?better choice? purchase.?Click here to read more customer reviews?

With 66 comments in total, 24 rated below 5 stars, but that?s a combination of 1, 2, 3 and 4 star ratings while 42 raters gave it the 5 star rating it so very well deserved. This also means that the 42 customers were thoroughly pleased with the 20358 when they put it to actual use. All in all, these ratings should be a very good guideline for future buyers of the Briggs & Stratton 20358.? The positive remarks and the high scores it has garnered from the buying public show that the Briggs & Stratton company still maintains its high standards among the products it manufactures, whether they are made in the USA or in many of the companies factories all over the world.? Their attention to product standards has made them one of the most reliable and recognizable brands in the light, medium and heavy machinery field.?? Making the right choice becomes easy when a Briggs & Stratton branded? equipment is among the list to choose from.?? Not only are they reliable but they are almost always priced right and reasonably. In the end, a Briggs & Stratton will always come out to be your most? practical choice, with all things being considered.

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