Bostitch CAP2060P Air Compressor Review

Bostitch CAP2060PTo start off, your Stanley Bostitch CAP2060P 6-Gallon Air Compressor comes with an efficacious and potent energy from its induction motor that features overload protection that can be reset manually. Only 10 amps are required and this ensures no-fail starting and virtually guarantees long and consistent service. It is indispensable for use for any job because of its easy transportability. Its 6-gallon air capacity is stored in a pancake-type capsule that has a high flow regulator. This allows the Bostitch air compressor to power a roofing mailer or single framing up to three finish mailers all at once. Blow guns, paint sprayers, air brushes, single sealant dispensers, sandblasters and grease guns are also not a problem at all for this all-around compressor.? Getting a little technical: if you feel that 3.4 cubic feet per meter at 40 pounds per square foot and 2.7 cubic feet per meter and 90 pounds per square foot are what you are looking for in a compressor to get your job done, then this one is definitely for you. Your purchase includes a coupler that enables you to hook up hoses easily and a tough and all-terrain roll cage makes sure that your unit is protected at the jobsite. Storage is not a problem either, because its compact size will let you stash it almost anywhere!

Bostitch Air Compressor

Features and Specifications



  • Induction motor is 1.6 to 2.0 horsepower and provides long life
  • Pancake design allows for lightweight and compactness and is easily portable
  • Pump requires no maintenance at all because it is oil-free
  • Quick coupler is included which lets you connect different hoses easily
  • Package weighs only 52 lbs
  • 1 year warranty



Customer Reviews and Ratings



Thirty-six respondents gave the Bostitch CAP2060P 6-Gallon Air Compressor an average rating of 2.5 stars out of 5 totals. Of the 36, only 8 were pleased enough with the product and would recommend it to other buyers.? Sadly, a high 15 were disappointed, complaining of early breakdowns and after sales service that took too long. Some even ended up living out its warranty sitting in a service center, waiting for some particular part to arrive – not good at all.? A practical point to consider is that it can be run on a regular breaker because it does not pull too much amperage and therefore does not raise the risk of blowing up your breaker. This practical point makes the unit perfect for many different job sites that do not have the capability to provide for higher capacity amperage. To many, its size: power ratio is quite pleasing because of the fact that it can be used almost anywhere with almost any power tool yet it is not so difficult to lug around and store. The 6-gallon capacity holds enough compressed air to minimize on start-ups and holds its contents for more than a day.? One buyer pointed out that since he owned several Bostitch brand nailers, assumed that the same brand would provide the same excellent service as his nailers have for several years.? When his old compressor died, he opted to buy a Bostitch 6-Gallon Air Compressor to replace it and was flatly disappointed because of the noise and according to him, the very limited capacity that the capsule held.?Click here to read more customer reviews?

Being able to generate enough muscle for your power tools is a very important factor in being able to do jobs properly. Over or under powering these instruments may not only put life and limb at risk but also produce mediocre results with regards to your handiwork.? Back jobs and repeats are not going to be an enjoyable thing to do no matter how much you love your work. If you cannot end up pleasing yourself or your customers with excellent results, then all your efforts are for naught.? Finding the right equipment to compliment each one of the individual instruments you use is a crucial part to completing quality work. The absence or the lack of peak performance from all your gear will only give you results that will not only displease but also discourage.

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