Bosch WAS20160UC Front Load Washer Review

Bosch WAS20160UCThe Bosch WAS20160UC Front Load Washer has 15 wash cycles and 6 options to help you choose the exact settings for specific kinds of loads. It has a multi-function status LED, making it easier for you to set the options see the status. It uses a unique raindrop stainless steel drum that protects and extends the life of your clothes, and uses an anti-vibration technology that lets you install it anywhere.

It has a modern design, with a neat white, European design body and a see through silver door. It also uses an advanced touch control technology, with a stackable design that lets you stack and install your laundry appliances side by side.

Sensor-controlled automatic washing programs helps you wash clothes more efficiently depending on the load, with the raindrop drum pattern that uses the steeper edges for heavy duty fabrics, and the shallow edges for delicate fabrics. Can go at up to 1,000 rpm maximum speed, with 5 spin speed settings. It has a sanitary cycle that heats up the water at up to 161 degrees to kill bacteria more effectively, with a Kids Care cycle that removes tough stains with ease. The refresh cycle refreshes loads of up to 4 lbs, and its heavy-duty option targets tough stains without damaging the clothes. It has a reduced ironing option that minimizes wrinkling, and a Rinse Plus option that improves rinsing results.

This Bosch front load washer exceeds Energy Star requirements by up to 63%, which means additional savings on energy consumption and costs. It also has an internal water heater? that heats the water quickly and more efficiently, with an Advanced SensoTronic plus system for maximum efficiency.

The washer plugs into the dryer to make installation easier, with an end of cycle signal and a self-cleaning detergent dispenser for added convenience. It can wash up to 17.6 lbs, which is equivalent to having up to 14 pairs of pants in one load.

Bosch Front Load Washer

Features and Specifications



  • 2.2 cu. ft. capacity
  • 15 wash cycles and 6 options with a 1,000 rpm maximum spin speed
  • Multi-function status LED
  • Unique raindrop-shaped, snag-free stainless steel drum
  • Antivibration technology reduced vibrations by up to 30%
  • Neat white European design
  • See-through silver door
  • Advanced touch control technology
  • Stackable design
  • Sensor-controlled automatic washing programs
  • 3D sensor to control imbalance
  • Sanitary cycle heats water up to 161 degrees to kill bacteria more effectively
  • Kids Care cycle removes tough stains with ease
  • Refresh cycle refreshes loads up to 4 lbs
  • Heavy duty option for tough stains
  • Reduced ironing option
  • Rinse Plus option for better rinsing results
  • Energy Star qualified, exceeding the standards by up to 63%
  • Internal water heater
  • Advanced SensoTronic Plus for maximum efficiency
  • Washer plugs into dryer for easier installation
  • End of cycle signal
  • Self-cleaning detergent dispenser


Customer Reviews and Ratings



The Bosch WAS20160UC Front Load Washer has a smaller capacity compared to American designs, which means that it can be used by one or two-person households efficiently. It does the job a lot slower though, taking almost twice as much time as other washers to go through each of your loads.

What seems to be the major problem with this Bosch front load washer is the mold accumulation. Countless users have complained about the moldy smell coming from the drum no matter how many times you try to clean it. This would of course result in moldy smelling clothes as well, which would defeat the purpose of washing your clothes in the hopes of getting them clean and odor-free. The problem has been reported several times now, but there still is no solution.?Click here to read more customer reviews?

If you want a cleaner and fresher batch of clothes coming out of your washer each time to do the laundry, check on other brands and stay away from this one.

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