Basement Watchdog BWSP Sump Pump Review

Basement WatchdogThe Basement Watchdog BWSP Sump Pump is a particular type of sump pump designed exclusively for basement use. Though, it is still usable for other rooms of the house, offices and other buildings. This pump is easy to start with its automatic switch button. You can start collecting and subsiding water in just a touch of a button! What?s more, this innovative product can detect any power outages. It automatically backups and restarts itself once it fails to work during a sudden power outage or other technical problem. With its compact, versatile design, you can practically use it anywhere, anytime.

A lot of features of this Basement Watchdog Sump Pump can be named. One is its monitoring system that determines the unit?s power condition as well as battery life. This same system gives warning through an alarm sound when it starts to fail or calls for maintenance. It also restricts the battery from overheating. Another useful feature of the Watchdog Sump Pump is the dual float switch. It makes pumping easier for any use. Other features are engine horsepower, 2500 GPH at zero feet or 1730 GPH at ten feet, and accessories included such as controller, charger, and, of course, the backup system. However, the battery pack and battery acid are not included on the kit which must be bought separately.

Watchdog Sump Pump

Features and Specifications



  • Sensor-Monitoring System with controller for power condition and battery fluid level detection
  • Backup pump system of 2500 GPH ?(0 ft) to 1730 GPH (10 ft)
  • Automatic start up; dual float switch
  • Control panel for alarm sound with light
  • Kit includes battery charger, battery box (without battery and battery acid; sold or bought separately), sump pump
  • With charging circuit for limiting batter from overheating or overcharging
  • Flexible pump for narrow or small sump pit


Customer Reviews and Ratings



Majority of customers who have bought the Basement Watchdog BWSP Sump Pump have proven the goodness of it. They have testified and shared some of their personal experiences. Some were really expressive and excited telling their own stories regarding the use of this Watchdog backup sump pump.

One customer from Illinois said that the price was worth it. The Basement Watchdog was very easy to install and use without too much effort to give. It was also less hassle to organize for storing and carrying on the go.

Someone also gave a good remark about his first time and personal use of the sump pump. According to him, the Basement Watchdog Sump Pump was a time saver. It sucks up water in quick minutes. He did not even have to work on his own hands as he just let the device worked alone. He had to stay with it just in case the alarm might not work but that?s when he proved himself wrong as the sound was very loud enough to be heard upstairs.

A guy from other US state said that the monitoring system worked really well. He let the whole unit worked to pump water in his basement while he was away from the room. He surely heard the alarm sound and rushed down but everything was alright. The backup restarted it automatically on its own and that?s impressed him. Actually, most happy owners said the same thing about the backup and monitoring system of this WatchdogSump Pump. They all agreed that it was a very dependable sump pump. They had nothing to say against the backup system or the monitoring system.

There was one who complained about experiencing a battery alarm that sounded almost every day. He didn?t specify if during pumping usage or if only when switched on, though. Yet, he was not happy as the whole unit broke when he had it repaired.

Another complainant shared that the electronic parts were easy to damage. After three years, the battery of his Basement Watchdog broke already when he was expecting it would last for at least ten years. One more user who had battery problem said that he couldn?t use other batteries than the manufacturing company?s batteries.?Click here to read more customer reviews?

From the reviews given by customers, the WatchdogSump Pump seems to be a good choice. The complaints were not that as strong and convincing as the positive feedback of happy customers. When you compare the pros and cons, most customers were satisfied of the advantages brought by the sump pump. With that said, you can only convince yourself to try this product on your own and see if it works just like what most owners testified. If you are on a search of a reliable sump pump for basement, this Watchdog can be an option. It all depends on how you select a sump pump or what criteria you have in buying a product.

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